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  1. Oh, yeah that health one looks pretty easy to add, thanks! Both hat items, the crown and cigar are invisible when dropped. I'll just chuck the whole character in here in case there's a problem with the inventory or the other bits. Thanks a lot! King Bach.rar
  2. Is there any more files I can provide to help someone figure this out? I've really hit a wall with their invisibility. I swear the image files are named correctly (but maybe they're not? I just don't know)
  3. I've got this great mod item, a reskinned hat item into a cigar, working like a dream. Only, when I unequip it and place it on the ground it is invisible. I can still pick it up and it still exists, just that there's no image or indicator it's on the floor. I have a second item, a weapon, that when I drop it it is visible on the ground. But my hat item doesn't show up. Not sure what's wrong or what folk will need to see to fix it, but here's the hat item code. Let me know if you need to see more! I've tried everything I can think of, including rebuilding it, at a loss. Come to think of it, while I'm here- how do I make this item craft able at the cost of health, like a heart or meat effigy? kopf.lua
  4. I'm on PC and after updating a mod and trying to load I'm getting "dedicated server failed to load" message. So now I'm trying to create a new world, no mods at all, nothing, and all I get is this message and can't load any worlds. I'm kind of upset, I really don't want to lose my world I worked so hard on! Deep breaths, try and fix it. Any help on how to proceed would be really appreciated. I don't even know what I need to upload or how to get there in order to get some help, I've just attached what it recommends below. Thanks,
  5. Hey all, thanks for helping out so I'm not floundering around out here! Sanity I'm sure this is easy but I'm not making it happen for me: how do I add it so my character has sanity drain swapped, so it gains in the dark and drains in the day. I tried this code but it always makes it crash <> just can't get it to work! Custom Crafting Tab Also, I want only my character to be able to craft my custom items, like Wigfrid can for example. What code do I need to make it so that only my character can make my custom items from their own tab? Sanity drain for others- Is it possible for a sanity drain to occur for other characters holding my custom item, but not for me? Any help and nudge in the right direction is really appreciated, thanks! King Bacchus.rar
  6. SO I've got my character to shed nightmare fuel in the same interval as the bearger. BUT I would now like him to shed two items at once, nightmare fuel and beard hair. Here's the code I've got inst:AddComponent("shedder") inst.components.shedder.shedItemPrefab = "nightmarefuel" inst.components.shedder.shedHeight = .5 inst.components.shedder:StartShedding(TUNING.BEARGER_SHED_INTERVAL * 20) Do I just paste this in again but with beard hair instead of nightmare fuel or is there a way with more finesse? Thanks!