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social update, part 1!

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I have many, many ideas in my mind for this game and want to let it out.

first of all, new biomes. we are all familiar with the cold, swamp, hot and lava biomes, correct? well I have more ideas in mind.

jungle biome - this is a biome populated with dirt, fertilizer and algae, but the main defining part is the whisky trees ( idea, dont take to harsh. )

whiskey tree.tif, make any changes if needed, 

these trees make whisky lemons a bitter taste but has a good scent and extract whiskey lemon.tif

you can plant a whiskey lemon, but it takes 57 cycles to mature and then produce every 12 cycles after that

whiskey lemon - quality: -1 ( grisly ), each harvest gives off 1600 KK of food

whiskey tree - conditions: steam, oxygen, oxeegen ( more on that later ), temp of -2 C to 34 C

more plants! whiskey lemon1.tif, the list goes Starmap, plantageous facilitator, stardew, and icele

the plantageous facilitator can give these buffs -

greenthumb - +10 to farming, filter - dupe now exhale 100 g oxygen and 400 g co2, and caring - +5 to kindness and now can double farming rate

digging up buried objects can give you lost stars, which count as 200 KK and the consumer gets +2 to all skills or can be given to a star map and be rewarded for it, such as 2 tons of a resource, a new dupe or a special plant seed, this seed can make a - termite plantation, turns fertilizer to dirt, a alge plantation, consumes a lot of water, but gives off 300g of algae per cycle and a boloski tree, this gives of 300 g of oxygen per cycle

researcher rewrite, now the jobs board is included with artistic expression but you need advanced researcher to do so, and a super computer can only be used by a researcher, correct?? well now there is a lab desk, this replaces the super computer and this gives off indeterminate research, winch is populated by the second row which is now able to to make a jobs board.

well, ill continue on later.

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