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Suggestions on tips

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First suggestion: which tips you've seen should be tracked in a global file separate from the save files.  I'm the type of person who, when playing a game like this, starts over frequently when first learning about the game, and seeing the same tip notices over and over in the upper left hand corner makes me start to ignore them.  They'd catch my attention more if the notices only appeared the first time I ever encountered the situation that genated it.

Second suggestion: make tips moddable, in that not only can existing tip text be changed, but the mod could listen to game internal events and use game hooks to give the player tips the devs hadn't thought of. User made mods could provide verbose tips, handholding tips, and so on.

Third through whatever, some actual tips to add:

1) When first doing something which changes decor ratings, a tip which gives a short explanation on decor.  When I first started playing my experience with Dwarf Fortress made me think that decor had something to do with room values, but it doesn't at all work that way in ONI.

2) When first placing something that produces/consumes/transfers power, a tip which points out that wires placed in tiles don't have a decor penalty.

3) When placing a wire in a natural blocks, a tip noting that placing wires in natural blocks will cause those blocks to be automatically dug out, even if they're supporting something.

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Definitely agree with point 3, and it should mention this for pipes too. In my early games I was screwed over by not knowing this a number of times. The mining out of the blocks when building "background" buildings caused flooding my base and also nasty gases by building wires and pipes under lakes or on the 1 block threshold between gas pockets and my base air.

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