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Hydrogen generators in the Occupational Update patch.

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Pretty much the title, discussion some of the stuff with Hydrogen gens in the new patch.  Specificly, how they actually are really freaking good now with the introduction of the Smart Battery.  I thought they would suffer from the patch with battery drain, turns out their biggest problem was tons of wasted power instead that the smart battery prevents thanks to being able to just tell the generator to stop being active at full battery.  Now my self sufficent Hydrogen gen setup actually has the hydrogen backing up on me, to the point I need to figure out something else to use it on just to keep the hydrogen from backing up the oxygen production that it was originally meant for.  Meanwhile, this same Electrolysis/hydrogen gen setup is powering my cooling.... a bit too well.  It originally was set up just for my oxygen demands to be met and kept cool enough.  Turns out its completely happy pumping -70F oxygen through the base now because there is such a ridiculous excess of hydrogen that the nullifier is on full time while still producing excess power.

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