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How to make the name_character appear on select screen

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Alrighty, So I've seen a few people having this problem since the new update and decided to post this. Many new mod makers are making their character mod, they have everything perfect except for one thing, the names_character does not appear in game! what shall they do? Well, what I've seen is people look through the DST game files and come across names_gold_character and they think 'Oh! I just have to make that!' in all reality there is a much MUCH Simpler way to do it.

First off, when making a new character everything is names properly. if it is not properly named then errors will occur.
Edit the names_character in the art program of your choice, and Delete the xml and tex files before recompiling.
NOW open up the newly compiled name_character.xml using Notepad++ or the code program you use and change

<Atlas><Texture filename="names_character.tex" /><Elements><Element name="names_character.tex" u1="0.00048828125" u2="0.85498046875" v1="0.1533203125" v2="0.9990234375" /></Elements></Atlas>


<Atlas><Texture filename="names_character.tex" /><Elements><Element name="character.tex" u1="0.00048828125" u2="0.85498046875" v1="0.1533203125" v2="0.9990234375" /></Elements></Atlas>

open up DST and see if it worked! It has worked for me for all of my characters!

Now, For that Modicon! Some don't know how to get it to compile and many I've seen do. This took me three to four years to figure out.

  1. First off edit the Mod Icon in an art program.
  2. Next Delete the XML and TEX files
  3. Move the modIcon.png into the images folder, moving it here before recompiling the mod will make thos XML and TEX files.
  4. Recompile, then pull the new XML, TEX and png out of the images out and back to their original place, Where the Modmain and modinfo is.


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What if my mod doesn't have theese 'name_character' files? 

My mod actually doesn't have any big golden name on character selection screen at all >.< 
How do I add it?

It's werid but no matter how many times i try - starting the game doesn't make new files for character name at all...

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