Challenge: Heat Death


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A once thriving base is on the verge of death due to a serious overheating problem. Your task is to move the duplicants to a new location where they can survive and thrive for many cycles to come. However, the asteroid Chovob-Hala has things in store for them, including a mysterious force (in an increasingly sinister voice) that is anything but good...



  • Debug mode is not allowed.
  • The main colony must not be at the starting location, unless you choose one of the optional objectives below.


You have until cycle 400 to complete these initial objectives:

  • The population must be at least 18. The more, the merrier.
  • Build at least 1 stable and thriving base away from the center of the asteroid. You may split the population into multiple bases if you wish.

Once cycle 400 arrives, go AFK (away from keyboard) and leave the colony alone for at least two hours at speed 2. When you come back and the colony is still in tip-top shape (no overheating, food shortage, water shortage, power issues, stress problems, oxygen starvation, dead duplicants, etc), the challenge is complete.


Optional objectives. These are not required, but it can add of sugar and spice to this challenge. You may choose at one or more of the following:

  • Give your one favorite duplicant his/her stable dream home. The dupe must stay at the dream home at all times. All other dupes are not allowed entry.
  • Restore the starting base to its former glory. At the end of cycle 400, you must have at least 28 dupes. 12-18 duplicants must reside at the starting base while the others should live in other bases.
  • Go AFK and leave the colony alone for at least two hours before cycle 400. The earlier, the better.


This challenge is a slightly modified version of my old Tubular Update Colony Relocation Challenge:
Changes: Increased deadline to cycle 400 instead of 300, slight description changes, title changed from "Colony Relocation" to "Heat Death". I'm open to suggestions on making this challenge better :)

Save file 1: ChovobHala HeatDeath Challenge M.sav (Slightly Easier)

Save file 2: ChovobHala HeatDeath Challenge H.sav (Slightly Harder)

Place the save file in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files

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