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Interior decors should change look depending on room type

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The pictures, sculptures and lamps look beautiful in bedroom and living rooms.

But game mechanics promotes building those also in other, industrial rooms. When I first time placed piece of art in gilded frame inside of machinery room, it looked very out of place. Then I got used to this, and so (probably) we all, but this should not stay this way.

So as this game understands a nice concept of "room", I suggest that look of all decors should adjust to the room type. For example, images that hang in industry room should change themselves into "safety boards", lamps should have industrial style and so on.

I used my skills in MS Paint technology, and prepared pictures presenting my idea :)




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I like this idea, but would prefer to have a  separate signage decoration. Mainly because I am already very particular about my room decorations! :o


Through a combination of assigning dupes of particular artistic ability and simple keep-deconstructing-reconstructing until I get the one I want...

Kitchen always gets 'The Scream' to convey the chef's feelings.

Dining room gets some nice meh still life food.

'The Thinker' gets to overlook the thinking booths.

I like the nice simple childish drawing in the hospital over the bed(s).


But that's just me :D


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1 hour ago, glenalec said:

Dining room gets some nice meh still life food.

Ha! I also had an idea, that dinning room should always have food pictures.

Apart from aesthetic reasons - to show player, that room is defined correctly. This can be checked in overview, but it is always better to visualize something directly.

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