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I think it might be cool if our little guy met another lost person, and rescues her/him in exchange of help, making him/her do things for you like cutting bush, collecting, farming, and it can be time based, so we can still control what our new friend does, a swamp with lot a monster fishes would be cool too, i think i might bring something diferent in the game, and i would really like having a safe zone or something like that, somewhere we i can shelter from the 859686940459 spiders that come after me at night jajajajaja, just saying :D

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Thanks for the feedback! We're adding a lot of new stuff to the game, so new animals and dangers will be released over time.As for a Safezone, that's your fire!Also, there are some friendly "life" for Wilson to find. And if you play your cards right, they just might help you out. As for your suggestion for a Swamp Area + Wildlife... I've added it to our list :)

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