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  1. I think it might be cool if our little guy met another lost person, and rescues her/him in exchange of help, making him/her do things for you like cutting bush, collecting, farming, and it can be time based, so we can still control what our new friend does, a swamp with lot a monster fishes would be cool too, i think i might bring something diferent in the game, and i would really like having a safe zone or something like that, somewhere we i can shelter from the 859686940459 spiders that come after me at night jajajajaja, just saying
  2. Hey guys, im sorry but im still having problems with my farm plot and advanced farm plot, 2 days have passed and nothing grows and nothing can be planted, i dont know what it could be, and on the other hand i've had 2 more problems, y picked up one of my crops in my magical farm plot and my inventory was full (didnt notice it), so i picked up one of the crops, and the other one fell behind the farming plot and know y can get it again, what can i do to get it back? and i saw a few trees floating around in the air, thats not right is it? JAJAJAJA, hope u guys can help me, i've survived for 36 days and i dont want to lose any of my stuff, please please please HELP.....