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Let the dupes die! Different way to use occupations - integrate mastery - set dupe lifespan

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I understand that the devs need a way, to limit dupe levels (athletics 25+ for example).

My suggestion would be (all numbers are thrown in, to give examples):
Give a dupe an entry age 10 and a lifespan of 100 - 120 cycles (research and medcare could bump it up)
Dupes are leveling up, while doing things and like now in the occupational update, they gain mastery/hat(special bonus). They could level up further, but not permanent, loosing some xp over time (when next milestone/mastery level is not solved), depending on stresslevel and age.
A dupe could level up, 3/4 of his precalcuated lifespan, when aging begins, he is loosing some xp, till he is loosing mastery. Bladdertime and sleepingtime gets up, immunity down.
That would change some things in the game, but it would not force players, to do things in a special way (more creative freedom/optional).
For example diamond mining mastery (tier 3).
When i let everyone do any job, xp is shared and mastery is rare.
When the portal gives you 3 dupes and your base is growing, you have not many times/cycles the option, to reject all. That would add some variation to the game (because i always used narcoleptic, now with OU athletics).
I think it would give some strategic touch to the game and it would carry over into endgame.
What do you think?

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