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My first 5 cycles

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Here is my basic start  that I do more or less every time. 

Cycle 1 Done some digging. I always build my cots on the second floor. Preparerad a room for toilets. I have 2 miners to dig faster.


Cycle 2 

I build my outhouse after they have eaten. Built power generation and oxidizer. And pitcher pump to get to hand washing station. 

And put done storage so I can get some stuff away from living area. Put one as a builder to get some construction done faster.


Cycle 3

Geting my research going. First ting I research is basic farming. Got a new dupe put it on research. Started to build on my farm area.


Cycle 4

Put down my planter boxes and planted them with meal wood, started on second floor on my farm area. Some more digging. Got done basic farming and interior decor research done, started on Advanced research.


Cycle 5

Second farm plot done, now I have 20 meal wood plants that is just enuf to supply food for 4 dupes. Advanced research is done, did take a break from research this cycle to get some more digging done and some tiding up in the base. Built walls around the latrin room. 


Moving forward plans are to get super computer up and research sanitation and destillation, to get self contained lavatory.

If you see on my calorie count it not going down, it is because I dig up food when I expand. I never use now days micro musher to make food in the beginning. Takes to much time from the dupes to deliver and make the food. 

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