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Newb question - how to build structures and devices in debug mode

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Please see my follow up questions a few posts down.  Thanks.


Hi all,

I have debug mode working an I have done some initial playing around with various things like painting resources, etc.

But what I really wanted to use it for was as a test bed to try experimental builds of various things to try and understand how to build things 'survival mode'.

But all of the build options on the lower left are all greyed out and have the red resource required.

How do you make all of the structural items, machines and components available in debug mode?  What am I missing?



Edit:  I figured it out.

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okay - follow up question:


1) How to you force a switch in debug mode w/o needing duplicants?

2) how do you fill a coal/hydrogen/etc generator or a water sieve or whatever with the required materials so it will run without needing duplicants to service them?

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