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Character Mod Voice Repeating When Hurt, Help

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hi, i'm super new to making mod characters and while things have been going relatively smoothly, when i tried to make a custom voice for my character i found a problem.

everything works fine, as in the game runs well without crashing, and the voices work well -- however, whenever my character gets hurt, the sound files i have for getting hurt, as well as death, will continuously repeat. i'm not sure why this is happening, especially because to my knowledge i have followed the tutorials i used correctly (being this one).

i'm not exactly sure what to show here because i'm newer, but if you recognize this problem and could help i'd really appreciate it; and if you'd tell me what things i'd need to show you in order for you to do so i'd be glad to do so.

thanks very much, and i'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause !

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