Invisible Inc MASTER Items, Augments & Weapons List

Which is the Finest Klei Game Released Thus Far?  

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  1. 1. Which is the Finest Klei Game Released Thus Far?

    • Eets Classic
    • Shank
    • Shank 2
    • Eets Munchies
    • Mark of the Ninja
    • Don't Starve/Together
    • Invisible Inc.
    • Oxygen Not Included
  2. 2. Would You Buy New DLC for this Game Right Away if it Was Released by the Devs?

    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. Do you feel that Invisible Inc. Achieved it's Potential as a Title? (Note: If "no", feel free to reply why in this thread, and anything specific you would've wanted added to this game to feel otherwise in the slightest way)

    • Yes
    • No

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Hi there, I've been a big fan of this game for quite a while. It really is incredible, to the point where I feel cheated that new content for this game has stopped from the devs, it's so good.

However, there is one really big issue that has bugged me from inception, and it has finally frustrated me so much that I felt compelled to sign up for an account on this board and write this thread.

WHY, in GOD'S name, is there NO master reference chart for all items, agent augments, programs, daemons and weapons?

I am tired of constantly having to sift through 5 or 6 steam guides and/or wiki pages whenever I want to research a new purchasable item or potential strategy when building a setup, and it is the VERY WORST KIND of impediment to new players when playing this wonderful game and researching how to play.

I realize that the text for all item descriptions for augments and weapons are embedded somewhere in the game's files, but am I the only one who feels that sifting through the game's code simply to find item data should be unnecessary to enjoy this game, even if I did have the skills to find this data myself?

Please, can SOMEONE just post a simple, LONG list, separated into "augments, gadgets, programs, daemons and weapons" that allows people to see the costs, attributes and effects of every single inventory item, program or daemon in the entirity of this game in this one thread (and if at all possible, without spoilers, so that you can just CTRL+F whatever you want to find)?

If someone could make a fancy list with all items and respective images on another site, then all the better, but a single list where someone just copy + pastes everything in one place is all I want.

While we're on that page by the way, couldn't there be an item database in the game? I mean, it's ridiculous. Have you seen how hard it is to even find out what the Thermal Disruptors even do, for example? Let alone compare levels 1,2,3 + 4 side by side?

[/rant] (phew lol)

Anyway, can someone PLEASE find it out of the goodness of their hearts just to paste everything here, so I can just have just a single tab open whenever I try and spend a night trying to plan a squad for this game for an endless run or something?

Thanks very much in advance;

PS oh yeah, and just for fun, I've added a poll (just saw the option before hitting "submit" lol, thought I'd give it a go heh)

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I voted "No" for the last question, because I feel like the story -- even as minimal as it was -- stopped in the middle.

What was our merry little band going to do after Incognita took over?  Would they have had the means to confront and fight the AI?  How?

The answer might mean a completely different game.  (I'd love to see an Invisible, Inc. II -- perhaps abbreviated IIII.)

That said, I never really played the game for its story.  I played because the strategy was extremely well-polished.  It's still the standard by which I measure other computer strategy games.

(I'd also like to see some kind of history tracker -- perhaps in the form of some kind of hall of fame, like you'll often find in roguelikes.  It would be interesting to compare how many games you won starting with Prism as opposed to how many games you won starting with Decker, for example.  Or to compare how much money (or other resources) you used on different run-throughs.  And to see, out of your failures, how far each of them got.

Some means of being able to take notes in-game and read them later on would be nice, especially if the game requires learning by death.

I'd happily buy any Invisible, Inc. merchandise Klei wanted to make.  Even now.  It's that good.)

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I'll happily second the wish for any kind of new II-related content. Especially as a player discovering the game a couple of years after release and then being disappointed there is nothing more on it.

Which ties into the original post, sort of. For the kind of large, detailed and comprehensive guide you're looking for, a large and dedicated fanbase needs to exist. As it is, we have *small* and dedicated fanbase, mostly over on Discord. There's a Wiki which provides a decent insight into most of the items, but it's outdated as it dates back to the time the game was last super hyped, i.e. the time of release and before that.

Still, it would be nice to have, I agree. ^^

Oh, and I actually voted 'yes' on the last question because I don't feel that the game as it stands is particularly unfinished or anything - it does exactly what it sets out to do. But I DO feel that there is more to explore there, and while the potential is fulfilled, it doesn't mean the story is over or that no new exciting possibilities exist for gameplay. I'd buy another installment in a heartbeat.

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