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Void of space as border

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Johohoe guys,

I'm new to this forum and I wanna to thank you, Klei for all of your games so far. I love them, so I wanna post a suggestion to your ongoing projekt.

Please make the map more "feel" like an asteroid, it is ok, that the bedrock border ist magma, but it were so much cooler, if the top layer of the upper map is the void of space with maybe (optional) massive temperature fluctuations (maybe near zero K, or floating around a sun, where day/night cycles results on that before said). I think, it would add a additional level to the end-game with a reward for the player, maybe to collect dark matter or cosmic dust or find crash-landed stuff

I saw in the wiki, that Helium is at the moment in a experimental state, maybe as a product of nuclear fusion for power generating. So can you consider to implement it as a ressource for high-tier cooling, like is used in real life for cryogenics. It would be nice to have this as a easy-to-use-but-very-limited ressource.

Again, I wanna say "thank you" to Klei, and all to to you in the forums who are still in touch with the developers. 

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On 8.1.2018 at 6:41 PM, Oberpimpf said:

Please make the map more "feel" like an asteroid

When you don't want a flat earth (asteroids), try helicona option (custom) while mapgen. (Is it, what you want?)
For the day/night cycle. That would be only a thing of impact, if you disable fog of war, from the beginning. You have to uncover to see..
When it would be possible to reach surface and populate it, to build up a spacestation. Then you have to harvest 10 other planets/asteroids(flat/ball), till you can build a deathstar, to destroy universe and cause a pole reversal on earth and end all games. Then /D/N cycle would be cool..

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