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"Pipe Blocked" Confused...please help?

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Hello! I'm not sure if i'm in the correct place for this topic. I search but but didn't find a question that matched up with what I'm seeing...

I'm sure this is because I'm very new to ONI, but it seems to me that every time I do anything with pipes, it's ALWAYS blocked. :( I can't see what's wrong. Can you all take a look at help me out?

I think the pipe I've highlighted is the issue? It's a liquid pump connected to a carbon skimmer. Originally, I had it connected to the pipe it is not going around but that didn't work so I shifted right to see if that works. Still no. Any help would be awesome. I've read somethings that have made me wonder if this is some kind of bug? But those posts were kinda of old now.


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So my question is this, which flow going to your white do you want to take precedence, most important.  The most important flow should be cut out, a bridge installed with the important flow passing over the bridge green to the white outlet whilte the alternate flow goes through the bridge white when there is room. 



Important coming from right, secondary coming from bottom.  I can only imagine you have another green off screen to the right on that line so this bridge setup would allow packet flow and set priority

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