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Short story, today i fire up my old server, it still works, but couple of mods is outdated so i restart the server.

USUALLY, its just delete the old file mods, and update to the new one.

But its not, i try to delete the mods at the dedicated server every one of them, and run the server again. nothing is showing, is klei implementing new way to run a mods ?

Anyone got this problem same with me ?

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It seems that the dedicated servers currently have some issues downloading mods from the steam workshop. To avoid this issue you can try copy/pasting them manually from your client over to your server for now.

This issue has been discussed in this thread as well:

Currently, or at least for the last week or so many Klei devs have been on holidays, which is probably why it hasn't been fixed yet. Let's wait for the devs to come back and fix the mod downloading for now.

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