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Why is airflow split at one junction and siphoned off at another?

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Consider these two junctions of airflow:


There's a full 1000g/s of air coming through the pipes from the bottom. The left pipe has a valve that is only permitting 100g/s through.

I would expect 900g/s to be pushed through to the other pipe, but instead the air "waits" in the pipe for the next tick and then only pumps through packets of air every other tick. This effectively reduced the airflow in the right hand side to only 500g/s, causing the pumps to start/stop all the time because they can't work on full capacity.

Later down the line the packets pass a few more junctions, and there the air does not stop. Instead, the pipes going through the side "siphon off" whatever they can pass through, allowing the remainder of the package to carry on:


Note at the junction that a small packet of air is split off from the bigger packet, and the bigger packet continues flowing upwards and does not wait for the next tick.

Can anyone explain the difference, and how to construct the pipes for them to work as expected? E.g. if 1000g/s comes in, and 100g/s is taken out, make sure that 900g/s keeps flowing in the other direction?

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by putting your 100gs outlet inline not as a junction put the white box on the line and 900 will flow past each tick


Throttled amount will go through valve rest will pass on to rest of equipment



In this setup, leave the valve wide open if you want the equipment to keep the tube "full"

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But it is still working properly in that other case as it tries to send a full packet down the open segment of pipe, so not a bug there either.  honestly no worries I recieved a huge lesson in packet dynamics from the many members of the board


Incoming from right and bottom, right takes priority :) so it chooses that source and if it fails to provide then it switches to the backup below

15 hours ago, donutman07 said:

The weird air/liquid flow mechanics in this game are at first frustrating, but once you get the hang of it very useful.  My biggest eureka was figuring out how to combine 2 sources and set it up for "use input A first"


Input A or the right hand pipe passes over the green exit of the bridge effectively blocking it until there is room :)

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