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Sonic Boom™

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Normally, it is not a wise idea to make noise. When it is a good idea, however, you will want the Sonic Boom™ to maximise noise production! It can be heard by every single guard* and makes them all investigate the general area of the noise**.

*Deaf guards and drones excluded
**Guards at gunpoint may have their priorities sorted out and won't investigate

Warning: Standing near the device when using it may cause brief hearing loss or even unconciousness. Do not use near children.



  • Use from inventory
  • All people in 1-tile radius are KO for 1 turn, including the user (!)
  • All guards (who can hear) "notice" a random location near the user
  • Soundbugs trigger
  • 7-turn cooldown, no charge needed
  • Acquired from Nanofabricators



  • If the mission objective is heavily guarded, send one agent to the other end of the office and using the Sonic Boom. It will keep the guards busy for many turns and your agent has enough time to recover and hide.
  • Derek (Contingency DLC) can deploy his Beacon, go somewhere else, use the Sonic Boom and then teleport to the Beacon to elegantly escape the guards.
  • If you KO a guard using the Sonic Boom, he will wake up after you end your turn. If he sees your KO agent, he'll either pin them or shoot them immediately when they stand up next turn. To avoid this kind of mess, send another agent to pin KO guards, or prepare elsehow.

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