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Adding new structure problem :(

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In folder scripts -> sheltertw.lua

 In lines(30-33):

local function onbuilt(inst)
	inst.AnimState:PushAnimation("idle", false)

You set here animation for placement as "idle"

In the same lua file in lines (118-120):

    inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("sheltertw", true)    

I think there is a problem it should look more like:

    inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle", true)    

Be sure that your spriter file *.scml have same value's as higher

Hope this will solve Your problem :wilsconnivingsmile:

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Still have this same error :(error2png_qxernwa.png

Maybe problem is this line?


return Prefab( "common/objects/sheltertw", fn, assets),
        MakePlacer( "common/sheltertw__placer", "sheltertw", "sheltertw", "sheltertw" )


im edit Wilson_House mod and when put Wilson_House_placer no have error but structure is have wilson house graphic :?

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the last argument should be idle try this:

return Prefab( "common/objects/sheltertw", fn, Assets),
 MakePlacer( "common/sheltertw_placer", "sheltertw", "sheltertw", "idle" )

also some stuff is missing:

require "prefabutil"--near the very top not inside a function
require "modutil"

local function fn(Sim)--ur main function

    inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("sheltertw", true)
inst.entity:SetPristine() --all this should be before theworld.ismastersim
 if not TheWorld.ismastersim then
        return inst
I'm just eyeballing it but those are the most standout syntax errors I caught.if more pop up ill see what else is missing.(don't have my best computer with me atm)


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small detail
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