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Christmas Update Urgent Suggestion!

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With the automation update gave up the opportunity to turn lights on and off. I suddenly wished the lights could be colored so we can make lighting displays. Maybe have our base rock out to some holiday music.

If there were a color selector on the various lamps, or even new lamps added, just something that lets us manually select the colors with sliders or numbers to type in, that would be awesome. I have a ton of ideas. Just lame to do with single color lights.

A step beyond would be a way to automate what color a single light is depending on the input. That would be much more advanced and harder to figure out as a lamp would probably require multiple inputs, at least 3 for R,B,G. and maybe a 4th for on and off. ... anyway, just thinking and I got excited and had to at least suggest this before your holiday patch goes live. Maybe this could be added to that patch if there's time. It would be amazing. Later on you could have grow lights or something, plants that grow differently under different shades of lights. Like if the color is in a certain range.

Thanks for taking the time to read this suggestion and have a wonderful day!


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