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  1. A thought just came to me. Why is the heat clear at the bottom of the asteroid and cold spots are random? Hopefully when this game is full release the asteroids are bigger and look more like asteroids. Also, hopefully the heat is in the middle of the astroid and all the cold spots near the outside like you'd think an inhabitable asteroid might be. The only problem is that you'd have to make the magma gravitate to the middle of the map unless you pump it out to store somewhere else. Otherwise the whole bottom of the map would likely be eaten by magma. Another way to do it is, all parts of the map focus gravity to the middle where the magma is. The only way that magma on one side of the asteroid makes sense is if it's a comet or something floating near the sun. Anyway, just an idea for the future.
  2. Yeah, I noticed it was polluted water they were going after. Some Dupe didn't make it to the toilet. So that's how that happened. It's weird that they keep going after that dirty water though. Perhaps it's what plants crave?
  3. As I'm unable to see how much pressure is on a tile or around a tile, I could not pinpoint the source. I've started a new game and I've seen this carry over. You will see stress cracks randomly on tiles. The tiles will say their status as normal and even though some tiles have water next to them on one side, there's no reason a small group of tiles would be effected while other tiles are normal without the stress crack texture. I had just built brand new tiles over a place where the ground had a stress crack texture. Now the Tiles have that same stress crack texture and there's no reason for it. I feel these tiles will eventually start taking over pressure damage just like my last game. Unless this is some sort of new natural disaster thing where tiles randomly decay and break, I've yet to figure out the cause. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=929710359 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=929710379
  4. I've noticed in two separate occasions the Algae Terrarium being extremely thirsty and dupes will super water them until their water usage number drops to zero. Made a video. Uploaded to Youtube since I couldn't attach the video directly. Sorry for lack of sound as I thought I had sound recording.
  5. I've noticed in my game that was started weeks before the food build, tiles would randomly show damage when there's no way for a dupe to get to them. I had some tiles in a shallow pond with clean and dirty water mixed and a square of 4 regular tiles were showing over pressure damage when there was no reason for it. I ordered the game to change them to insulated tiles and the damage stopped for a short time. Eventually they started taking damage again. The only thing I could think of, there was a polluted water spillway over two of the tiles. It still didn't really explain it. The temperature of the water was around 80F so it couldn't have been heat. There were gas and water pipes running under the tiles and the pressure in them seemed normal. It was just weird. There was one other part of my game I noticed this happening and those tiles were also unreachable. My Dupes couldn't even repair the tiles. So eventually the tiles just gave way. There were two of the name normal tiles above them and living quarters below with cots, statues, and paintings. I think there were only hidden gas pipes running under the tiles but they were empty and not connected to anything. Wish I could have gotten a screen shot. Maybe it's because it's an old save?
  6. The incapacitated dupes surprised me and I had no idea what caused it or why some dupes would keep getting incapacitated. I had to kick some dupes out of the rejuvenation early because others were dying and I just didn't have enough. I still haven't found an exact cause of what's happening or what's causing it.
  7. I've been thinking of suggesting something similar. Even if it's just a gasmask with a hose and a tank, craftable with the textile station. You'd think if this is a game about lack of oxygen, the Dups would be smart enough to want to contain some oxygen to take with them as they explore.