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  1. I finally figured it out today. Was reading into on some old forum, but they were using a laptop with a FN key. I got to thinking and I look down and sure enough... my gaming KB has a FN key. I guess it toggles windows hot keys and I'm sure my cat has stepped on it or sat on it a few times at least. Unsure why removing the DLC somehow fixed all my function key-binds and how having the DLC installed listened to the status of that FN key. /shrugs I found a fix at least. I totally thought it was something to do with the DLC. Maybe this will help someone else some day.
  2. I've noticed this bug too. Sometimes I see it when going back and forth from my different planets. But I know they are full and working because if you speed up the game you can watch dirt fall out of them. Unsure what causes it. Seems every other time I toggle in, they are either showing as empty or full of dirt. Sometimes I wonder if the daily cycle game save also fixes the textures temporarily. On my first planet, they have been my saving grace for research, and to keep some dupes feed until I could get other sources of food sorted. So when I've seen them as empty I kind of panic wondering if I was out of polluted dirt somehow.
  3. Thanks Jambell! Totally makes sense with the sounds missing now. But yeah, I totally thought it was broken.
  4. Hot Keys for overlays F1-F3 and F5-F8 do not work and have not worked since the last update a few days ago. I had removed the Preview DLC and returned to the original game and tested and all the Function hot keys were working. So I re-installed the DLC Preview Alpha build and it stopped working again. I accidentally reported this on the other ONI bug forums so maybe it was over-looked. With Spotify open, it seemed that F5-F8 had returned to windows default and was controlling my Spotify program from within the game. Also F1 mutes the game now, as my keyboard indicates F1-F3 are windows hotkeys for controlling volume. I thought maybe I pressed some key combination or something. Unsure why the original ONI game without the DLC the function keys are fine and with the DLC enabled these specific function keys no longer function within the game. I've checked the key binds and they haven't changed. Is there something I'm missing or is there an issue with the DLC's key bind assignment for these hot keys? Edit: Edited out the launcher music missing. Jambell happened to find my other post and informed me the missing ambient sounds on the Launcher screen are intended and will be rebuilt as things are added to this DLC.
  5. Went to launch game and steam prompted an update. After the update I launched the game and most of the regular sounds you'd hear on the game launcher seem to be missing. First time I didn't think anything of it and launched my last DLC Spaced Out save. Started looking around and I went to check the temperature of things with F3 and noticed it wasn't working, Then I started trying other overlay hotkeys and those weren't working either. I tried clicking the overlay icons in the game and those do seem to work still. So I then checked in options to see if the hotkeys were missing and they seem to be there. There were some other hotkeys in other categories that seem to not be defined, I forget which one, I figure that's still a work in progress and it dealt with changing worlds. I restarted my game wondering if that would fix it. But no, still missing launcher sounds and hotkeys for overlays are still not working and I am unsure if I can figure out how to get them working on my end. Unsure if anything else is affected yet. At that point I started trying to find any kind of patch notes. I know the option on the game launcher is broken and breaks the game if you click on patch notes. I was hoping others would have reported my discovered issues. I'm unsure when the last patch landed, if it was yesterday or this morning. I do know the game worked fine yesterday morning around this same time without many issues. I may play with deactivating the dlc and reactivating it. I kind of have low hopes at this point and may try again after another update.
  6. Yeah, I noticed it was polluted water they were going after. Some Dupe didn't make it to the toilet. So that's how that happened. It's weird that they keep going after that dirty water though. Perhaps it's what plants crave?
  7. As I'm unable to see how much pressure is on a tile or around a tile, I could not pinpoint the source. I've started a new game and I've seen this carry over. You will see stress cracks randomly on tiles. The tiles will say their status as normal and even though some tiles have water next to them on one side, there's no reason a small group of tiles would be effected while other tiles are normal without the stress crack texture. I had just built brand new tiles over a place where the ground had a stress crack texture. Now the Tiles have that same stress crack texture and there's no reason for it. I feel these tiles will eventually start taking over pressure damage just like my last game. Unless this is some sort of new natural disaster thing where tiles randomly decay and break, I've yet to figure out the cause.
  8. I've noticed in two separate occasions the Algae Terrarium being extremely thirsty and dupes will super water them until their water usage number drops to zero. Made a video. Uploaded to Youtube since I couldn't attach the video directly. Sorry for lack of sound as I thought I had sound recording.
  9. I've noticed in my game that was started weeks before the food build, tiles would randomly show damage when there's no way for a dupe to get to them. I had some tiles in a shallow pond with clean and dirty water mixed and a square of 4 regular tiles were showing over pressure damage when there was no reason for it. I ordered the game to change them to insulated tiles and the damage stopped for a short time. Eventually they started taking damage again. The only thing I could think of, there was a polluted water spillway over two of the tiles. It still didn't really explain it. The temperature of the water was around 80F so it couldn't have been heat. There were gas and water pipes running under the tiles and the pressure in them seemed normal. It was just weird. There was one other part of my game I noticed this happening and those tiles were also unreachable. My Dupes couldn't even repair the tiles. So eventually the tiles just gave way. There were two of the name normal tiles above them and living quarters below with cots, statues, and paintings. I think there were only hidden gas pipes running under the tiles but they were empty and not connected to anything. Wish I could have gotten a screen shot. Maybe it's because it's an old save?