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Cooking and eating automation idea

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I have one duplicant dedicated to cooking and he is able to cook more then my colony needs so I was looking for some method to turn grill off when there is already enough cooked food. Problem is that weight sensor under the fridge does nothing and shows zero and I didn't wanted my cook to be suffocating in CO2.

So idea is to put grill on top of horizontal doors. They automatically open during night for short time and drop all cooked food into CO2 storage and on weight sensor. It also saves need for delivering cooked food into storage.



Also as you know duplicants have 4k kcal capacity and when it drops to 2k they stop with everything and go to eat. This seems quite spoiled behavior when they could wait whole day and still be fine above 1k "starving".
So if duplicants can get food only from food storage (or kitchen above storage) and you have dedicated cook you could automatically lock it for everyone other then cook and allow them to eat only morning after they wake up, when they are close and in base. Only cook will be able to eat when he wants.

For this kind of "morning jobs" setting clock sensor to 99% instead of 0% is working better as at 0% doors seems to open tiny bit later then duplicants wake up time.




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2 hours ago, Bloxxed said:

So only the cook can put food in the refrigerators?

Also, how much time do you think this really saves duplicants? In this scenario, the caloric intake of the dupes never changes - they are just eating it all at one time.

Cooked food is not in refrigerators but is just dropped down into CO2 every night.
In refrigerators are cooking ingredients (for me mushrooms). After duplicants eat, they very quickly move mushrooms from "farmer fridge" into cook fridges, if farmer produced some mushrooms day before. (that farmer system is a bit more elaborate)

Making them eat only morning saves traveling time. If they are somewhere far from the base and become hungry they would immediately stop working and go all the way back to eat, this way they wait until next morning.


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