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Savefiles structure

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So... Does anyone know anything about ONI savefiles structure?

We know it's zlib compressed, but after inflating the compressed part of file (seems to be after the "text" part, until the end of file) it doesn't seem to be readable at all, except for a short part of file, containing no useful information.


This should be the compressed part in original savefile


This is what comes out when I try to decompress it...


Some information is laying in about a half of the file, but I can't seem to figure out how to read this.


@Risu was able to read the file in this thread, but didn't specify how exactly he did that. Also it's totally possible Klei changed the file structure so it's different now.



So... anyone?

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So there are some kind of references from uncompressed to compressed parts?

Can I kindly ask you for more information? I would like to curiously look into the save files, what kind of information is in there, etc. It would really help me to know what data pattern is there.

I like what you've done with the 010 Editor, as seen here, this is exactly the form of data I'd like to explore and work with. Can you share how to get to similar result? (not necessarily sharing the 010 editor template, just some kind of hint would be enough) 


Thanks in advance!

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