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Hydrogen generator bolstering manual generator

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HI. I just thought I'd share my current non fossil fuel power solution because there's been a few topics about automated power control.

This is running oxygen production. It's a very simple setup just tie the pressure plate to the hydrogen generator. Now the hydrogen generator is controlled by the threshold on the manual generator. The downside is that you still need some dupetime to run it. But I really like the way the hydrogen generator speeds up the recharge time. And when both generators are running you are getting a 1.2kw burst. Pipes tend to backfill with excess hydrogen so I wonder if this would scale.

Sorry for the big file.




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That's a pretty cool idea.  As for hydrogen backfill, my solution was to build a sealed room with a high pressure vent and a pump.  The hydrogen generated when making oxygen is pumped into the room.  The pump, in the room goes to the generator.  When pressure starts to be a problem for the room, add another generator.  

Tip: Make the room fairly good size.  If its too small, it fills way too quick and you're back to the 'pipe blocked' problem.

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