BUG- Dead Guard standing up again


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Just started the "An Ancient Home" mission again to get a higher score.Just after the 3 switches when you use the new special power first.I sneaked outside where the 2 guards are doing their rounds.I killed the first one by "traitors coffin" by drawing him into the dumbster.Then I sneaked up on the other one, but wasn't fast enough to killand so had to hide again in the dumbster- throwing the dead body out.But instead using the dead body animation, the guard was standing again next to me.This caused a funny incidence-the other guard discovered the supposed "dead" body and shouted out,all the while the "dead" guy was standing there...:p

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Thanks for the heads up! We'll take a look at this and try to recreate it here, but since it's only an animation issue and not really game breaking we might not be able to address it without causing other bugs elsewhere. If we can we'll push something in an upcoming update to PC.

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