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Wes VS The Grand Forge Boarrior

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Hello! I've been lurking around these forums for years, but after today I decided to make an account purely so I can post this. Pardon if this post is messy.

I joined a group of randoms to do some rounds of The Forge, with a team setup of Wilson the healer, Willow the firestaff user, Wigfrid the confused newbie, WX-78 the tank, Wolfgang the tank and me as Wes. It wasn't the best character and role picks overall, but what could you do? Didn't want to be a strict lame-o who ruins the fun. May as well play as far as possible, try my best, and have a good time.

Despite the character and role choices, the game went smoothly... right up until the Grand Forge Boarrior started avoiding the attempts to sleep it. The tanks tried their hardest to keep it still, but the Boarrior kept doing the 3 hit combo on them, and repeatedly knocking Wilson down with its line attack. Best I could do was hope the molten dart special prevented it from moving, and get Wilson back up whenever he died.

And we got so close! We had a good offense up, doing lots of damage, and barely keeping everyone up. But eventually, we all fell one by one. The tanks went down, Willow went down, and despite my own efforts to get the attention of the Boarrior, Wilson went down. So there was just me. I certainly had the attention of the boss now. Uh oh.

I didn't have any options. If I ran, it'd just kill me. So I started shooting. It was all I could do. It was Wes VS The Grand Forge Boarrior.


And it died.

Wes is the champion of The Forge.


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