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  1. depends on what kinda person you are: the person who started this thread or everyone else
  2. probably because butterflies pollinate flowers and there needed to be a way to plant flowers
  3. Wolfgang is merely a ghost of a past man. I mean what kinda guy is named Wolfgang? His real name was just Joseph. But now his name is Wolfgang, because he died to a gang of wolves.
  4. Some stupid shipping thread.

    i sure love pedophilia! (mods don't ban me. i was sarcastically pointing out the pedophilic nature of the post because of its inclusion of the underage characters wendy and webber. i do not condone pedophilia in any case. please do not hurt me.)
  5. You can directly buy them. On the steam market, if they are available.
  6. if its early on there's like 3 hounds. why didn't you just kill them
  7. Sanity isn't that much of an issue. Sometimes when you are insane the nightmares don't even come, and when they do, they are incredibly easy to kill. If you need quick sanity just craft something new or make a taffy or something. Get a tam o shanter. Maxwell, in terms of gathering, is just better than Woodie. He doesn't eat his own product, probably does it faster, and can literally afk and do it. I do like playing Woodie though. In fact, if any character is considered pretty bad, that shouldn't discourage you from playing them. If you are good enough, their downsides aren't very bad.
  8. The Forge Has Ended

    So the Frogreorge is coming back?
  9. Quick Draw Webber

    This artwork is fantastic. Keep up the great work. The following is for those multicultural: Dieses Kunstwerk ist so toll, dass meine Kuh tot ist. Es ******* starb Ernst? Es hat einen Blick genommen und ist einfach gestorben. Hast du jemals die Auswirkungen der Entsendung berücksichtigt? Du bist ein Arschloch, Alter.
  10. Backstory Where There is None

    Thaaaaank you. I would like to hear your backstory aswell! This thread isn't just reserved to my story or possibly stories.
  11. Backstory Where There is None

    Thank you for the positive feedback! I'm glad you liked it.