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  1. So the Frogreorge is coming back?
  2. This artwork is fantastic. Keep up the great work. The following is for those multicultural: Dieses Kunstwerk ist so toll, dass meine Kuh tot ist. Es ******* starb Ernst? Es hat einen Blick genommen und ist einfach gestorben. Hast du jemals die Auswirkungen der Entsendung berĆ¼cksichtigt? Du bist ein Arschloch, Alter.
  3. Thaaaaank you. I would like to hear your backstory aswell! This thread isn't just reserved to my story or possibly stories.
  4. Thank you for the positive feedback! I'm glad you liked it.
  5. Thanks! Lore doesn't seem to get as much traffic here as art
  6. The story and lore of don't starve is possibly my favorite aspect of the game. However, out of all playable characters, only Wilson and Maxwell have an in depth backstory that's been shown. So, I wanted to write a backstory and possibly hear your backstories of characters in the universe. Wigfrid Wigfrid grew up in a cabin in the woods, not too far from a small town. Growing up, her father hunted, mostly for game. Sometimes a younger Wigfrid was taken on these journeys and learned the in and outs of hunting. They trudged through the snow and dirt to find elks, deer, and sometimes even bears. On rare occasion she watched her father stand up against a mighty bear with his spear in hand, trying to intimidate the large beast. This would usually end in the bear toppling to the ground, and a new bear skin rug for the cabin. That was until one day, when her father came up against a bear that did not wait to play the intimidation game. The bear swiped at his face, scarring his eye and lip. Her father stabbed it in its chest, but it didn't seem to leave a dent. The bear took another swipe, and Wigfrid's once powerful, bear killing father, was bit back by nature. Wigfrid still remembers the moment where she stood shocked with fear at the sight. No inclination to fight; just shock. She remembers running through the forest, tears streaming down her face, fear overwhelming her. That moment made her promise to herself and to her deceased father: I won't back down from a fight. I won't have fear. As Wigfrid grew into her late teens, she spent her days training in not only hunting, but fighting. Her goal was to find the bear and avenge her father's death, but for years and years, she never found the beast. As time went on, a life of training and hunting for seemingly nothing weighed down on her, and she went into a more calm life. Discovering a nearby theatre, she applied for auditions as a mighty warrior, capable of fighting any foe. Her battle cries and combat skills got her in on day one. She enjoyed theatre, acting out scenes that she wished would happen in her real life. She fought dragons and monsters and whatever was apart of the play. But it wasn't enough. She remembered her goal: avenge her father. It's been years, she is in her mid-twenties. She's been sitting in this theatre growing an acting career. This wasn't her life. And so, she began the hunt again. And she found that bear. And she fought the bear, and she killed the bear. And the bear took off his head and said "Great job today, Wigfrid. We knocked em dead." The whole play was too real for Wigfrid. She started a downward spiral. Years and years of training in her life lead to a mundane acting career. Slumping down in her dressing room chair, Wigfrid looked at a strong, powerful reflection through a faded, dirty mirror. She needed a test of her strength. She needed to show the world that she isn't just an actor, that she is a warrior. Wigfrid slammed the desk and was about to punch the mirror too, until she heard a crackly voice behind her, coming from the radio. "Say, pal, you got a warrior's spirit huh? Why are you wasting your time in this shabby theatre? Say, if you just follow my instructions, you can show everyone all that training you did." I'm not sure if I will continue to write backstories. I also want to see others try this, and I could only really think of this one for Wigfrid.
  7. THANK YOU. I can finally play again
  8. I have no idea whats going on! Its been like this for ages but i'd never bothered to fix it. I start my game, click play, I log in, then i get this: it just freezes on that. I dont hear music or anything. I cant play. I have verified game cache, reinstalled the game, deleted mods, but nothing seems to work. Please help, I love this game. It doesnt crash so i couldnt get a crash report sadly. client_log.txt