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  1. Sanity isn't that much of an issue. Sometimes when you are insane the nightmares don't even come, and when they do, they are incredibly easy to kill. If you need quick sanity just craft something new or make a taffy or something. Get a tam o shanter. Maxwell, in terms of gathering, is just better than Woodie. He doesn't eat his own product, probably does it faster, and can literally afk and do it. I do like playing Woodie though. In fact, if any character is considered pretty bad, that shouldn't discourage you from playing them. If you are good enough, their downsides aren't very bad.
  2. The Forge Has Ended

    So the Frogreorge is coming back?
  3. Hard achievements? Easy!

    wow dude
  4. i can only imagine the rollercoaster of emotions that bit was
  5. The Crocodiles

    idk man i just made a video and got this title
  6. The Crocodiles

  7. When someone dies, BattleMaster Pugna laughs. In one animation he lifts up his helmet and theres a lil guy in a hazmat suit. I don't get what this is supposed to reference.
  8. The Crocodiles

    you still can't dodge their spit. please.
  9. Make it so crocomanders spit can be dodged, and maybe make Webber's spiders a bit faster. Wolfgang can use a little buff as well. Otherwise really fun.
  10. Quick Draw Webber

    This artwork is fantastic. Keep up the great work. The following is for those multicultural: Dieses Kunstwerk ist so toll, dass meine Kuh tot ist. Es ******* starb Ernst? Es hat einen Blick genommen und ist einfach gestorben. Hast du jemals die Auswirkungen der Entsendung berücksichtigt? Du bist ein Arschloch, Alter.
  11. Whats goign on??? Password? help?!?!
  12. Hey whatever, good song.