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Acids and Molecule Fabrication and Radiation

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With the occupation of both Hydrogen and Chlorine in Oxygen not included i wonder when and for what uses the developers might introduce acids such as Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric Acid and so on. It's intriguing to think about the benefits or improvements to the game that might come with it, such as a metal pickling machine to create refined metals for higher tier machinery, fabrication of materials like zinc, or even if sound overlays were improved in the game and duplicants generated headaches at points to be alleviated via creating aspirin with acid compounds and such. There are just so many possibilities to how in depth this game could go in forms of scientific freedom and experimentation. So many inventive ways the game could progress in depth. 


Share your thoughts? Tell me what ideas you think would make a great addition to the game or even just add another element to it that isn't already being branched.

I for one would enjoy seeing something like Radiation become an element of the game, some form of radioactive metal and corresponding biome and or mobs, the introduction of Nuclear Power Generation, even more illnesses and overlays to manage in order to sustain everything adequately. 

My mind buzzes with intrigue thinking about it all.

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