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  1. AFAIK, bedrooms must have only one bed per room. Works in my game. Terrible morale bonus for so much work, though. I always rush the Great Hall.
  2. You can try building a hydrogen wheeze chamber around it to cool the contents, as long as it's not made out of abyssalite. You could try harnessing the energy from it to power a steam generator for a little while until it cools down.
  3. You can try setting up a debottler somewhere and see if the dupes can pick liquid bottles from the machine (needs to be higher priority than the refinery, IIRC) to dump somewhere else for heat?
  4. It has an output blocked message, my guess is you've been constantly heating that same 10t of PH20 for a while now. Phase states won't occur in the machine. Deconstructing turns it into 10t of steam?
  5. The system map should be like the Caves in Don't Starve. I'd leave the system map fixed, but generate each POI individually. Theme them. Unique critters and zones and elements with unique properties. Have some large enough to support founding a colony with a reasonable (or slightly less reasonable, for the hardcore) resources on site. I'd have the two colonies function independently, way too much work in Kerballing it and trying to keep time relative, but allow them to ship things back and forth between the two colonies, up to and including all dupes.
  6. Sulfuric acid + steam + natgas from oxygen + sour gas + water when? Future wet plate batteries with lower heat and greater storage?
  7. Loving the phosphorite change for dreckos, but can we get some way to renew algae a little better than (or at least supplementary to) the Morb/Puft farm>Slime>Distiller loop? Maybe actually have algae terrariums grow algae? Although I do like their "mass positive" reaction currently where they create extra matter when lit. Maybe have them be built out of algae, generate 10g/s algae that needs to be emptied or double that when lit, take the current 300g/s of water, keep the current CO2 and O2 numbers, and return 250g/s polluted water instead. You'd need 60 to feed one distiller with those numbers or 30 lit, which doesn't seem that outrageous. Definitely easier on your CPU than the 48 Morbs/24 Puft farm.
  8. We need a "Shinebug Nest" where we can park shinebugs so they can provide heat free light for bristle blossoms. Maybe have an aerial creature leash you can only use on tamed critters to move them around without having to use the lure?
  9. Pretty sure that's a stolen version of the Polish, "Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy." Or "Not my circus, not my monkeys."
  10. The drecko falling animation is by far one of my favorites.
  11. Dupes retain skill boosts without mastering related jobs. Expected behavior would be that increased stats were not permanent until job is mastered, like decor and food expectations, and special job abilities, like mining abyssalite, etc.
  12. I doubt it. Look at games like Empyrion. Unity is a lot more flexible than most give it credit for.
  13. Or ranching. I mean, I'm sure by cycle 50 or 60 most of your wild critters will be dead. I've never stopped running vacuum insulated base walls, but this is going to make everything else suck, like my water sieve.
  14. Bless all you preview testers. Look forward to seeing how this changes things.
  15. Just lower your lamps one more tile. Your end terrariums will get light, and you'll have room for another bottom row.