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Water tap?

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Well I think sinks wouldnt work because they have a fixed input output of water/polluted water, But if there was a sink without a plluted water output It would work. But I kinda like the idea of it looking like an office water bottle thing. Have dupes like this haha



Dupe 1 - "Geez that polluted water tank stinks and oh my word don't get me started on mining that slime"

Dupe 2 - "LOL I told them I have Trypophobia, Narcolepsy and Can't build"

Dupe 1 - "So what do you do?"

Dupe 2 - "Sleep, eat, get a massage, sometimes if I feel adventurous I even walk around "Idling" LOL"

Dupe 1 - "I hate you"

Dupe 2 - "LOL look a dig order be a good boy"

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