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Will this mod ever be back in action? ~ Wren, The Stormcaller ~

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Basically the mod is "Wren the stormcaller" 

The mod itself is very fitting into the don't starve universe as its not too high quality where it looks too shiny for don't starve, or too low quality and looks like something in MS paint. The character is simple and not meant to be overpowering nor super weak.


The mod has not gotten any updates in a LONG time (I predict around 2013..)  and lots of people would like this 5-4 star mod (In steam its 5-Star)- to be up in its feet again with at least more compatibility (for Shipwrecked) and bug fixes.

So, if you know how to script i'm sure a few tweaks would make this mod shine again and make a fair amount of people happy again.


 Steam download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=177537243&searchtext=wren

Klei download: 


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