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Ktools error and new function

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Hi everyone.

I'm making a mod,

I would like to add a new effect and use book to get the effect.

To do this, I knew I had to modify the anim.bin file, and I downloaded ktools.

However, ktools will shut down immediately after the DOS window(picture).

I want to know why.

And I want to know the function that adds a new effect to a book and the function that causes the effect to take damage.


I'd like you to answer me two questions.

Thank you so much.

제목 없음.jpg

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krane is an executable you need to run through command prompt(I'm guessing you haven't read the readme in that thread, I'd suggest doing that).

Some people(I think it was lumina, but I'm not 100% sure) have suggested using a bat file and running it instead:

create a new txt file

open it, and put "krane anim.bin build.bin somefolder" in it(without the quotation marks)

change the file from .txt to .bat

put the anim.bin and build.bin in the same folder as that file

double click on that file


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Wow thanks.

I can now use krane.

Thank you very much.

Thanks to reply, I knew how krane works,

But I don't know how to revert .scml back to anim.bin and build.bin,

I will make a magic book, I don't know how to add new effects and damage,

There are many other problems in my mod.

If you go into the link below, there is a topic on the problem.

If you know how to solve this problem, please answer.

Thank you.


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