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  1. First, English isn't my first language. If you can't understand my word, It's because my English is immature. sorry. Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to my mod. Please see the image for a description of the mod. And Plz leave a reply if you find a bug or error. I hope you have fun with my mod. thanks. *Caution, orb can only summon one to the server. link :
  2. Hi. I've been visiting a lot lately. Do you know how to make two kinds of items with one recipe? I'm making a recipe for my mod. For example, there is a recipe that requires :twigs, spear, bluegem, redgem. When collect all the ingredients in this recipe, can get both ice staff and fire staff. I'm not sure if it's possible, but let me know if it's possible. If this is impossible, tell me it's impossible. I'm sorry to asking too much help. But thanks to the help I received here, I think I'll be able to complete my mod soon. Thank you, everyone.
  3. Thank you but I've already used this tutorial. I don't know why this problem happened, but I came up with a temporary solution. The problem I have is that when I close the server and come back in, my followers don't follow me. So I would rather have the followers automatically disappear from the world when I ended the server. (For example, if I turn off the game, the followers automatically die.) Is there any way to do this?
  4. Thank you for reply. I wrote the script based on the template someone posted and the code of Abigail. aidenorbbrain.lua aidenorb.lua -This is the follower I made magictools.lua - This is the book that summons the follower. The same problem occurred when I tried to use the code in the template because I thought the code I modified might be wrong. I'm sorry to bother you. Thank you.
  5. Hi. I successfully created new creatures with the help of someone nice last time. These creatures are summoned when my character reads a book. When summoned, they were good at following my character. But when I shut down the game and log back on, they don't move. Can you tell me how to get followers to follow my character even after I leave the server and come back in? I'm sorry I always seem to get help. Thank you for reading.
  6. Thanks again for the reply. I really appreciate your kindness. I'm studying the lua script now, but I don't know what tags and events and others exist in DST I still don't know how to apply the script to DST modding, But I think that if I study this more, And I find the questions in the forum, I will know how. Now I'll tell you why I wrote again. Before I studied the lua script, I tried using the scripts you gave me. Since I don't know lua yet, I used it as it is. But I got an error '<name> or '...' exported' in 'DoAreaDamage (x, y, z, damageRange...)' I corrected the error by referring to other people's mods and DST's script files. But there was another problem. In the game, pigman follows the animation. I think pigman seems to think of my animation as fire. But my animation doesn't show any other ability. Damage, burning, all... I will do my best to solve the problem myself. However, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a little more about my problem. I still think I'm bothering you enough. I'm really sorry about that. Thanks again for your kind reply. I have received your kindness and help, and I hope that you will be filled with good things in your path. Below is my script. I didn't get out of your example scripts and I modified these things.
  7. Thanks for reply. First, There is no particular reason why I didn't learn the lua script. I just wanted to make the mod quickly. I have received your reply and will now learn the lua script for my mod. Now I will tell you a bit more about the question I have made. I uploaded a video for reference. In the video, the character uses the book, and the animation that wasn't in DST appears. As shown in the video, I made several new animations. But now these animations have no ability. So I want to give each of these animations the ability. For example, in a video, a flame animation appears, which I want to give damage to this animation and also make the enemy burn. Like the effects of lightning. In addition, I made various animations such as ice, wind... so I want abilities to suit them. Regardless of the question, I will now study the lua script. Thanks. ex.mp4
  8. Hi. I tried to search the forum first, but I couldn't find it because the English was immature. sorry. I'm making a mod to add new magic books and science tools. I have successfully created an animation that will come out when I use the book with the help of someone who was kind last time. And now I want to add effects to the animation. For example, I want to give unique ability to each animation, such as fire, wet, damage, bloodsucking, freezing, healing... Since I don't know the lua script, I refer to data files of DST. So I referenced several files, such as lightning and fire, but I have not found a way to add each effect I want. Please, Could you tell me how to add effects, or can you give me a guide to help? Thank you for reading and I look forward to your help. Thanks again.
  9. First, Thanks for reply. I confirmed the reply immediately, but I was on a trip so I could try it now. Your reply has been a great help. First, I created a folder for the symbol file, and when I created the sprite, I created a new keyframe and right clicked it to change the image. Then the phenomenon of overlapping images disappears. But there are still issues that haven't been resolved. The problem is that the shape, size and position of images change. In addition, keyframes that I didn't add are themselves formed. And when I looked at the name of the symbol file, the name of the folder was the same as what I set, but the names of the image files were different. There may be something I missed from your reply. But I have never dealt with spriter, and because I'm immature in English, I haven't found what I missed in your reply. I'm really sorry, but can I ask you to let me know a little more about the problems I haven't solved yet? I'm sorry to bother you. And thanks again for the reply!
  10. Hi. First, I'm sorry that my english is immature. I'm building a mod. This mod will add various books and spells. So I want to create my own custom magic effect. But, there was a problem here. I created the image.png files and added the frames in the spriter to create the anim. And when I tested it in the game, the animation worked but the shape was strange. So I decompiled my file. When I opened the decompiled .scml file, There was frames that I didn't add. And the images that of each frame were overlapped, and the shapes of the images were deformed. I simply put the images on the screen in timeline because I didn't know how to use the spriter. Please let me know if you know the cause of my problem, or if you know how to create a animation that work properly. I would also appreciate a link to writing that might help me. Thanks for reading, and I really appreciate you if you help me.