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  1. Due to the nature of the game(not pvp, no constant updates keeping the game in perpetual disarray/etc), I just don't see how any game with these characteristics could be difficult for exprienced players. It does however take a decent amount of time for a player to become "experienced", so there's that.
  2. You forgot dying to tentacles because of lag
  3. This is what you call useless? Did you know that wearing beefalo hats makes most things think they are beefalo? A monkey/bunny/pigmen wearing a beefalo hat will aggro anything attacking a beefalo. Now try putting that to use.
  4. More or less. These are rarely an issue for experienced players. But yeah, insanity can be annoying in boss fights/ ruins exploring, but you generally go there when prepared for it. lag can make it a bit more troubling however, but not too much. Insanity is mostly just annoying due to distortion/music, it might be a bit of an issue when fighting something else as well, but that's about it.
  5. Simplest version: beefalo herds can't reproduce. Basically beefalo number is currently capped(number of herds generated on the world multiplied by 12), if a herd(generally a cluster of up to 12 beefalos being in the same place) dies then it is permanently lost and the cap is reduced, so you can lose all of the beefalos on the map, and you can't go above that cap, neither can you create herds wherever you feel like it. It was added in some QoL patch not too long ago and I ******* hate it. If you really want to know what that code does: when a baby beefalo grows up what happens in game is the baby is deleted and a beefalo is spawned in it's stead. Previously if all herds near that beefalo were full(or there were just no herds), he'd just create a new herd, this code means he is instead placed in the same herd as the baby, meaning new herds can't be created. *Technically you still can create new herds by domesticating and undomesticating a beefalo, but it's way too tedious to be practical.
  6. Deleting lines 96-98 in babybeefalo.lua would be nice. Hate those lines so much...soooooooooooooo much.
  7. What other ways are there?(to create additional beefalo herds)
  8. I think the only way to create a new herd now is to fully domesticate a beefalo then undoemsticate it. I don't like this "bugfix".
  9. The purple gem burned too, and it does seem like something which probably shouldn't work the way it currently works...
  10. I've added in a picture how they appear in don't starve alone vs in don't starve together, and when facing them from behind their legs are missing. Also one of the horns is flipped upside down, it looks okay(still a bit out of place) in the aggressive run animation, but looks completely out of place in the regular run animation. Also I'm fairly sure everyone is affected by this, I just spend more time chasing them so it bothers me more.