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  1. Well, during the process of taming a beefalo I found the thing so insufferable that I wanted to well, hang it. Thanks for the reply though, that does help.
  2. Poor taste, or "against the workshop's rules" taste?
  3. I was thinking of making a mod that allows you to hang beefalos, does that break any rules?
  4. He's talking about banned players, this is just in general. Also I'd suggest against using this mod, as a lot of people will get frustrated with it(/not join the server to begin with).
  5. Or make birds eat rot(like seeds laying on the ground), there's also a mod that does that with several items, so should be easy to copy from.
  6. Sleeping things have a tag which is added when they are asleep(the tag is "sleeping"), there is also inst.components.sleeper:IsAsleep(). Just remember that its possible that not all things have a sleeper component, I'd suggest trying first with the tag and if that doesn't work use the component check.
  7. Modding Help

    Yes, but I suppose you could just define the speech in the item's lua as well.
  8. Modding Help

    When you open lucy.lua and look at the custom onhaunt function, you see this line: inst.components.sentientaxe:Say(STRINGS.LUCY.on_haunt) meaning the things she says are stored in "STRINGS" which is defined in strings.lua, which has a section for lucy, which looks like this: STRINGS.LUCY = { equipped = { "Let's chop some trees!", "Nice day for a walk!", "We make a good team!", "There must be some trees around here somewhere.", "This is perfect chopping weather.", "A perfect day for some chopping.", "You've got chops, buddy.", "Hey! Chop some trees!", "All work and no play makes me want to chop some trees.", "Chop chop chop. Heh.", "Chop, c-c-chop!", "So, stone trees... what's up with that?", "Let's find a small grove and just go nuts!", }, on_ground = { "Come back! Take we with you!", "Where did you go?", "Take me with you!", "It's cold!", "I'm getting dirty!", "There's monsters around you know!", "I resent that!", "You're abandoning me?!", "But... but we're inseparable!", "Hey! Get back over here!", "I can't chop trees by myself!", "So... lonely...", "I guess I'll just stay here then...", "What if I get stolen?!", }, and so on so inst.components.sentientaxe:Say(STRINGS.LUCY.on_haunt), takes a random "value"(a sentence) from on_haunt, which is stored in LUCY which is stored in STRINGS which is defined in strings.lua
  9. krane is an executable you need to run through command prompt(I'm guessing you haven't read the readme in that thread, I'd suggest doing that). Some people(I think it was lumina, but I'm not 100% sure) have suggested using a bat file and running it instead: create a new txt file open it, and put "krane anim.bin build.bin somefolder" in it(without the quotation marks) change the file from .txt to .bat put the anim.bin and build.bin in the same folder as that file double click on that file
  10. It says it's missing the input-path. Can you say what command you've used which made this window appear?
  11. So what was the point of Winona again?

    No, melting the faces of her enemies would be too obvious, no need to hide something of that sort. I don't think it's the faces of her enemies she melts.
  12. So what was the point of Winona again?

    I think we are up to something. I mean she clearly has no use, she doesn't belong in the game, and yet she is in it. Clearly there's some secret dark motive to justify her addition to the game, winona joins the survivors, then suddenly the forge catches on fire? I think we can safely assume that winona can in fact melt steel beams.
  13. So what was the point of Winona again?

    But can it melt steel beams?
  14. DST Custom Animation Help

    I remember that having a lot of large parts(the png files) can sometimes cause problems. I see that you have a lot of files with a lot of empty space, perhaps try to reduce their size(I mean pixels, not compression) and see if that helps?(I'd suggest making a test project, reducing their sizes, and see if things are where they should be, if it works align things, if it doesn't then idk, but at least it's quick test)
  15. So what was the point of Winona again?

    *Attempts to see water in an empty glass intensify*