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  1. I remember that waiter 101 does things of the sort, so you can try figuring it out from there.
  2. Yes, slaughtered by the bunnymen.
  3. I just don't see a reason for them to do it for free. As a cheaper dlc maybe, but won't people be mad that they are asking them to pay for content which already exists in dst?
  4. Nick's opinions of the META

    What problem? If you make an argument you're going to have an argument, which part here is the problem? Granted arguments can be done in a less aggressive manner, but that's unlikely to happen on the internet(unless we're dealing with some very specific environment, which we're not). As to what have people said which contributed to the aggression, that's another argument which nobody is going to settle on, so I'm not very interested in it.
  5. Nick's opinions of the META

    We are in an argument because you made an argument in the OP. People are getting mad at each other more or less because it's an argument on the internet.
  6. Nick's opinions of the META

    "I define myself as correct and therefore I am" Alright buddy, whatever you say.
  7. Bone helmet farming is probably still your best bet(kinda similar to nightmare amulet but without losing durability). As far as farming monkeys go, there are probably better setups other there, but you can just use a flingo+a starcallers to freeze them and kill them.
  8. Nick's opinions of the META

    It makes more sense than your "maybes", yes.
  9. Nick's opinions of the META

    I hate to break it to you but "maybe" is very much a strong affirmation, you have to prove that there's a possibility for her to be good, you haven't done that, and the burden of proof is still on you. You're just throwing words with nothing to support them. Her speech file has been out for quite a while, more than enough for them to think of appropriate perks, they may change her, but if that does happen it's probably because people hate her so much, not because she's unfinished. The point of beginner chars(at least generally) are things that will make the player get through the beginning, not to learn the entire game thoroughly, hell by this logic wilson isn't a beginner character, as other characters need more knowledge to get beard hair, and need to play differently through the winter. Also let's be serious here, wigfrid meats and webbers pigs definitely don't "affect your playstyle a lot", sure you can make them do so, but it's nothing inherent. See this is what happens when you are too busy throwing the "burden of proof" around, you just make ridiculous statements but shove "maybe" everywhere in some sort of an attempt to give you immunity to the burden of proof, so let me try this: I'm just saying: maybe this character wasn't thought through at all, maybe klei was lazy, maybe it's not aimed at anyone at all, maybe it's just a piece of **** who's art and theme pretty much appeals to nobody, and who's perks only appeal to those who literally don't even know what her perks are. Maybe, just maybe. Someone was stupid, or someone was lazy, or both. I mean it took people less than a day to be sick of her, surely that's something they could've figured out.
  10. Nick's opinions of the META

    Oh great, the "burden of proof" **** throwing. So in that spirit, you made a claim stating she's good for noobs(presumably cause she has no weaknesses), the burden of proof is on you.
  11. Nick's opinions of the META

    Can we stop with this myth already? Having no downsides DOES NOT make the character noob friendly, it's having downsides which aren't too obvious to get around and upsides which aren't too obvious to use which makes it a bit less noob friendly. I'd say willow,wigfrid,wendy and webber are all better begginer characters than winona/wilson, with wx/wicker being slightly worse for the totally new player. As thing stand now the reasons wilson get's picked in ~95% of which he is picked is because he is the first character to appear in the select screen, winona doesn't even have that going for her. I'd also argue that wilsons beard(cause meat effigies) is better than a slightly cheaper sewing kit, so I don't see her as being a better wilson either, she's in fact worse.
  12. Nick's opinions of the META

    As things stand she's still very new so it's mostly "This guy is probably playing her because he wants to see what the new character is". Past that it would be the same impression as someone playing Wilson.
  13. And who would blame them?
  14. Nick's opinions of the META

    That's not it really. People aren't aiming their complaints at the person playing Winona, same as people (generally) don't complain about people playing Wilson or Wes. People complain about "Why would anyone even want to play this?", her theme is trash, her perks are boring, just a ****ty character.
  15. Winona Rework

    ...And now I wish she actually was an xbox exclusive.