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  1. I'm guessing beefalo is the answer.
  2. If by perspective you mean denial, then sure. You also can't go underground, need to get off and on to do anything, can't risk the damned thing dying, if you choose to fight with it you barely deal any damage, need another inventory slot to use wormholes, need to leave it near salt licks when done, and need to keep track of the amount of salt licks near any salt lick station. As long as it doesn't involve the underground and both starting and ending points have salt licks in them. Or just build a sculpture station, hell even ant lion spikes can be moved much faster if someone can help you out, they are only good for suspicious marble, and it's not worth fully taming them for that. As for the piggyback, just use chester, he is less of a hindrance than a beefalo. No, even if taming them took 1/10th of the original length the rider would still be garbage, the ornery might become useful then, but that's it. They are absolutely terrible at travel, they only slow you down.
  3. Would beefalos be less useful if they gained a speedboost from roads? No? Then it's not a bonus. Hell a cane+road gives faster movement speed than an ornery beefalo+war saddle, and meaningfully so, it's very much not a bonus.
  4. Ugh, I'm beginning to get triggered by this notion. With all of the restraints(Can't risk them dying, no speed boosts from roads, can't go underground, can't go through wormholes(can use a beefalo horn but then it's more time wasted and an item slot), needs to be left at "salt lick stations"+a bunch of other nuisances) they just slow you down, they don't have the appeal of a "personal taxi". They have the appeal of shooting your own feet and then limping.
  5. Newb Need Help

    I'd still suggest just getting a new one every time you intend to move statues, should generally save you time. At the very least just leave it near salt licks and only use it when you need to use it, don't tame it for the sake of taming it. Aside from being a waste of time, "tamed" beefalos are also *******s, so the less you deal with them the better.
  6. Newb Need Help

    The only proper way to tame a beefalo is beat it repeatedly until it dies. Otherwise it turns you into its *****. And yes, that's a rider beefalo, it's pretty worthless for wx so I suggest killing it to save salt licks.
  7. I wouldn't be able to make a more biased poll even if I tried to. So uh, congrats?
  8. A year's haul

    So uh, why not just bee boxes?
  9. Thing is spray bottles are used to deal with generally minor misbehavior, it would be sensible as an item to make them shut up with their demands for food, but not for trying to kill you. Speaking of which, there's a whip in this game, and the beefalos even have special (unused) animations when hit by it, why not use that? But seriously when it tries to hit you you should be able to hit it back with no penalties, hell, what was it expecting to happen?
  10. It also give a point for the beefalo to do it's beg animation(though it very, VERY much overdose it currently), it also makes it feel like an animal, instead of furniture/machine. Why? It's not really a mistake or a misplay, why should you be punished for it? If you lose an immense amount of time hitting it, then no, you practically can't hit it. Why can it hit you but you can't hit it? That's ********. How about every time it decides to turn on you you get the ability to make it starve for a couple of days? Hell in the process of taming any animal if it turned on its masters it received punishment, why is the beefalo above that? So If I go into mating season can I beat the living **** out of it without any penalties? If it thinks it can attack you, you should be able to return the favor without any penalties. No, just no. Ornery deals more damage, so ornery is used for fights, the rider and the pudgy are just not used to fight, why the hell would anyone want to fight with something that deals 20/25 damage, I mean maybe if it's a really weak opponent and you don't feel like getting off the beefalo, but otherwise just no, having such low damage output guarantees it's doesn't have much combat uses. That's 4 football helms/ wood armors, now tell me, what's more expensive, 4 pig skin+12 grass, or 4 steel wool+4 rabbits? It's not even comparable. It also require to be gotten intentionally(you're not just gonna have access of it by doing regular things, as hunts, especially later on, are a very subpar way to get anything which isn't steel wool), so that doesn't matter, it's a very expensive resource, and so is the war saddle. So basically don't use it for fighting, how does that make things better?
  11. So they will never throw off their saddle, and there will be basically no point in feeding them. I mean I'm not necessarily against that but you're gotta add depth(as you're making it even more shallow than it is) somewhere in return. Yeah current domestication loss is obnoxious, not sure if I will do it only for domesticated one, but this seems reasonable. How the hell is that "Of course", damned thing should know it's place, and you should be able to clarify to the vermin exactly where that is. It's part of why it's so obnoxious currently, it can and will hit you, but you can't hit it? screw that. Tank what? Tank for the sake of tanking? You're not gonna use it to fight because of lower speed and especially lowered damage, what's the point of it having more hp if there's no point of riding it? ...I'm starting to see where toros is coming from. This will make saddles even worse than they currently are, why would anyone want expensive saddles such as the war saddle to break so easily? I can't possibly see why.
  12. This is a myth, any decent developer isn't going to ignore criticism just because it's not toned down, beefalos as they are now behave like entitled, obnoxious, and traitorous sacks of ****, no need to put it more lightly, in fact it can only mislead(the dev can't know that some people find the thing extremely obnoxious unless they say so). (Also I'm fairly sure that they are aware that beefalo domestication is a failed feature) And you need to remember that these sort of things were tamed not only with love and care, but plenty of negative reinforcement and punishment, if it tried to do it's tamer harm you could bet it was gonna feel pain in return, as I've said " or at least not lose domestication and realize it shouldn't be an ******* when you hit it back." I would be fine with it if it didn't realize that you're the source of its food, yet it's clearly asking you for it, so it doesn't hold.
  13. You kneejerk to my language like that, I didn't really aim any of my insults at you or at klei have I? I just find the behaviour of beefalo while being tamed really obnoxious, and if you try to take a serious look at it, so will you. In a realistic scenario, how much tolerance do you think a tamer is going to show towards something that occasionally decides that it wants to kill him?(Like a beefalo in heat, or when a saddle is placed on it at 0 obedience) Chances are he'll put the damned thing down. Theoretically it should sorta act like a pet, but it's waaaaay too obnoxious for that.
  14. Really aren't. They are less insufferable, but still a hindrance. What are you talking about? You chase a baby away from the herd and they all go like "Meh I'll let this stranger just chase the baby away from the herd, sure the last 20 times this happened the baby didn't return, but we're sure it'll be different this time". They don't care too much for the herd either, as some will give up chasing before others, leaving them to die. Yes, but also even if taming was instant people wouldn't deal with them too much, I guess the wendys and wes will have some use of them at that point, but they will still be more of hindrance than anything else for the rest. If by "cute little guy" you mean a traitorous, insufferable, entitled, sack of **** then yes. You forgot "lack of any uses(outside of moving statues, which isn't much of a use(outside of suspicious marble that only needs to be done once))", I mean sure for wendy/wes the ornery beefalo has a use, but what about everyone else? That thing is disgusting, with that stupid smug smile "Haha I ate all of your twigs, Haha". Definitely, but the question is in what ways? First of all I think they shouldn't just outright die, I think due to their pet identity they should require a while to get, but they shouldn't easily drop dead because one stupid thing or another(they are fairly good at getting themselves killed). Second thing: it shouldn't be such a piece of ****, it shouldn't demand food in the most annoying manner constantly, and it shouldn't attack you, or at least not lose domestication and realize it shouldn't be an ******* when you hit it back. Third it actually needs to be good at something which is worth doing: there's probably a lot of very different ideas here though.