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      [UPDATED] Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      Update 5/11/2018 We do not have any more information at this time. The last we spoke to 505 indicated that the discs should be ready very soon. We will likely have more information next week; hopefully with full explanation of when and how to get new discs.    Updated: 4/27/2018

      On April 17th, the Don't Starve Megapack was released. Almost immediately, it was discovered that the wrong content was printed on the PS4 retail version of Don’t Starve Mega Pack (the Xbox One version is not affected). The disc contained Don't Starve Together, but was without Don't Starve, Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked. As soon as we confirmed the problem we contacted our retail publisher to find out how this happened and what could be done. It's taken some time to get this far, but this is all the information we have at this time. The current status of the issue is as follows: New copies are currently in print and will be on shelves ASAP, hopefully within a few weeks.  When the new discs arrive in stores, players who already purchased misprinted discs will be able to exchange the disc for a new one in store. Details will follow as we figure out the exact timing, the procedures with specific retailers and what the exchange will entail.  Players who already purchased the faulty disc previous to 4/26/2018 can now contact Klei support HERE for a Playstation Store voucher code that includes Don't Starve Together, Don't Starve, Shipwrecked and the Reign of Giants DLC that you can play now. Please specify your country as certain vouchers only work in certain regions.  New purchasers of the Megapack in store as of 4/26/2018 should be given a voucher at the time of purchase on your receipt. If you do not get a code, contact us ALL purchasers will have a path to get a new disc when they are ready. We do not have details at this time, but we are comitted to ensuring that all players get what they purchased.  We are hearing from some players that some retailers are telling players that they will not be exchanging discs. We believe this to be incorrect and that particular person or location is just misinformed. 505 has ensured us that they are doing their best to make sure these discs are being replaced for all players. We will not allow anybody to fall through the cracks here. We will buy and ship the discs ourselves if we have too.   This was our first major retail release and we're extremely disappointed that our players have been let down with their purchase of the Don't Starve Megapack. We're doing our best to make sure this issue gets resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks everybody for your support and patience. We'll keep you updated.    UPDATE: (4/26/2018) We are now ready to send out vouchers to players who purchased the physical version of the Don't Starve Megapack - These codes will allow players to download and play Don't Starve and DLC as well as Don't Starve Together To get a voucher players can contact as at our support site: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/emails/new  For the subject, choose "PS4 Megapack" and fill in the form and we'll get you fixed up as soon as possible.  We will require a picture of your receipt, your Klei account ID and the region you are located in (so we can give you the proper voucher).  UPDATE: (4/24/2018) Earlier this week, we discovered that the wrong content was printed on the PS4 retail version of Don’t Starve Mega Pack (the Xbox One version is not affected). It’s a really unfortunate situation and we’ve been working hard with 505 to resolve this as soon as possible. Below is the latest information: New copies are currently in print and will be on shelves ASAP, hopefully within a few weeks. When the new discs arrive in stores, players who already purchased misprinted discs will be able to exchange the disc for a new one in store. Details will follow as we figure out the exact timing, the procedures with specific retailers and what the exchange will entail.  Players who already purchased the faulty disc will also be able to contact Klei support for a voucher code that includes Don't Starve, Shipwrecked and the Reign of Giants DLC until the new disc is ready. Please specify your country as certain vouchers only work in certain regions.  We will have more details when they become available including details on contacting us and what information we might need.  Once again, thanks to everybody for their patience while we work this out. For questions or concerns, the forum discussion can be found below:   


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  1. You forgot -They see it as a lot of work with comparatively little gain.
  2. Small Rant

    I'd honestly suggest against that, I think it's a pretty poorly implemented feature and is very tedious, frustrating and pointless. Yes some people find it fun, but my impression is that most people don't.
  3. Definitely not. That video still has more strategy to it than a bunch of people holding f, not by much, but it does. As if dying to bee queen/dragonfly by any other means doesn't fall under the category "of dying like an idiot". I've seen more decent players(needless to say with newer players it gets even worse) die to tentacle traps used to fight the boss much more than when fighting the boss by pretty much any other means, hell same goes for bunnymen. That's because for a tentacle trap one slip and you're dead, for pretty much any other strat you need a lot of them, and you need to really have no idea what the hell you're doing for that to happen. It's completely absurd to me that you define cheese by the likelihood of failure yet still see strats with a higher likelihood of failure to be cheese. You think? Yes, a new innovative strat is more impressive than seeing the same thing for the 100th time, mind you the new innovative strat can be "cheese", and I'd definitely say that when I was new I was far more impressed with the tentacle field than seeing 5 people just hold f to mow down bee queen. Because dfly isn't the most poorly designed raid boss right? you either wall of the lavae or kill them as they spawn, then proceed to hold f. And I actually find toadstool fun with enough people. And who even remains at that point? Klaus doesn't have any cheeses which aren't moronic(subpar to not using them), fuelweaver has some really lame ones, so I'll give you that one, antlion is a complete pushover with 2 or more people, ancient guadrian has no mechanics, and I'm pretty sure he's intended to be cheesed considering they could've changed him for DST, but just multiplied his hp by 5 instead(as if just thinking "People will just hold f near a pillar anyway, a pillar we didn't remove even though we had plenty of chances to do so"), for the shadow pieces you can probably cheese them, but it's so pointless I don't think I've seen anyone bother with it. So fuelweaver? As wolfgang maybe, for everyone else that fight is just really tedious. Unless you just hold f with ~3 people behind a wall, then it's just really boring. Try bee queen with 18 beefalos in heat(exactly 18), and no wolfgang/wx. You can also do a 1 hp run without wolfgang/overcharged wx, but some of us don't like forced challenge to make us practice the fight 20 times beforehand, and which are really infuriating if you don't have low ping. I find it confusing that you used wolfgang in the fuelweaver video then, isn't he "easy mode on steroids" against bosses? Hopefully you did it just to make the fight shorter to fit on video, otherwise I'm confused. Point is your definition of cheese makes absolutely no sense to me and I don't think it ever will. So I suppose will agree to disagree.
  4. Thing is the term cheese keeps turning up in this thread, and every time people see it differently, and me talking about cheese at that point wasn't directed at how you view cheese, but at your response to OP, and how he views cheese. Specifically this part: I'm not sure that's true, as some people would just see it as part of knowing the game combined with the fact it's not trivial to set it up, or very costly in the case of bunnymen. Though to be fair, since we are more or less talking bee queen here(and to a lesser extent dfly), this actually is another good example of what I've previously said. You can swarm her with monsters causing the fight to be trivial and cheese, you can also swarm her with people(to clarify I mean that ~5 people can just hold f and melt through her and her bees) which is also trivial and cheese. So how can you not cheese her? By using the setup shown in the video? Or by getting swarmed to death/tanking her bees with a medium amount of people?
  5. In contrast to everyone else here, who thinks they are wrong. I don't remember ignoring anything, in contrast to what you're currently doing. Yes that's what happens when people disagree and try to get their points across, in contrast to just writing a short paragraph of BS mocking the other side without going into details as to why you disagree with them. Because you've already done so and they disagreed with that too, the audacity of some people. This too, in stark contrast to what you're doing right now. No, that's cheese, you could face tank it, but that's cheese too, you can kite it, but that's also cheese. The only proper way to do it is something very particular I had in mind and requires an exact amount of people using the exact resources and approach I thought of, everything else is cheese and the devs should remove those options.
  6. I did say 20k for toadstool, but mostly that the original numbers are better, so I did, even though it was mostly "don't use that mod". I mean a lot of new players really can't, there's just a lot of things they don't know, as far as experienced players go: There's absolutely nothing wrong with realizing that you lack knowledge and asking some knowledgeable for guidance, you know, someone like the devs, which is kinda what the OP is doing. Which ones? The client mods which don't affect the even playing field argument? Or the server ones I don't consider bad? I never said mods are bad, I said this mod is bad, so probably don't use it.(again, figure of speech, so not you, but in general) That's a great idea. Would you suggest using this mod? If so with what settings, or anything else you would like to add on that matter? I wouldn't say they make the fights "easy mode", they probably make them easier(though mostly cheaper and shorter), but they also require knowledge, which is what this game is all about, knowledge can make any task in this game a walk in the park, as it's not a PvP game. Mind you installing ez mode doesn't really require any knowledge(outside of how to install mods, or turn on god mode), so I'm not sure what you're getting at. There's definitely a way to make anything harder, you can fight dfly with bugnets if you wanted to. Because what is cheese? I could just freeze them with a flingo thus making them irrelevant, would that be cheese? Pick wolfgang and kill them as they spawn, would that be cheese? Run in cicrles till they die, would that be cheese? They either swarm you to death or become irrelevant, pretty much anything you do with them outside of dying makes them irrelevant. Why? You can just stun it with 2 people/wolfgang, gunpowder can actually be useful here if you really want it, not sure what that changes though. I mean it's very easy to not lose an entire one per fight(considering measly hp values), you can do better and make it cheaper, you can also just run in circles, again, I just don't see what this achieves, you just replace one so called cheese with another. I mean I'm fairly sure that they could've just made them jump over walls fairly easily if they wanted to. It's actually fairly feasible that they did have this in mind. As to scalemail it existed in the original DS as well, wasn't very useful there either as far as I recall. Again, one requires knowledge, the other requires installing an ez mode, one of them makes a very taxing(I'm talking about if you bang you head straight into a wall, other cheeses can make it less taxing as well) fight rather reasonable, the other makes a rather reasonable fight(assuming you use knowledge of the game) into a joke. Well I was talking about pre lunge attack, the overheating/freezing is basically "carry a thermal stone, and no insulation of any sort", whereas the krampuses are "use a panflute" or "hit one while the other roars" or "hit one with the torch then tank the other", and the spells you can afford to just run away from in the animation if he just has 2k hp(in that phase). It becomes a lot more involved when he has more hp and inefficient approaches suddenly become a lot more taxing and less reasonable, you can afford a lot of incompetence with those measly hp values however. Because if you just use a simple approach for the other things you've mentioned, it mostly like kiting deerclops. Cause rng range, sometimes he will miss you when you are right in front of him attacking him, sometimes he will hit you half a screen a way. It's really annoying.
  7. What's cheese and what's not cheese is highly subjective. And yet it's still a lot harder than just dealing with her with reduced health, besides with 2+(or wolfgang) people it's very easy to just kill them one by one then use the panflute on enrage, I have no idea why people are making such a fuss over walls, dfly's main problem is that she is the most poorly designed raid boss. Well one part of it is that I don't view cheese the same way you do, the other is that it doesn't really meaningfully change the fight, it just makes me get rid of them in some other way(freezing them/waiting for them to die), so why bother. Also(in general) there's the whole leveled playing field thing, where you can learn more efficient ways/methods to do things from others, it doesn't really work when everyone plays with a different version of the game. I don't see why basically ignoring them via scale-mail is better than ignoring them via walls, walls are mostly cheaper so I'll stick to those. I don't see the point of using scalemail if I aim to handicap myself for a challenge really. I mean it's same tier as deerclops, which you've called a pushover(not that I disagree). I mean he will only have 1k hp then, you could easily afford to facetank it. Not that I'd suggest that, but you easily could. I don't even know what your definition of cheese is? Is waiting for one of them to do his roar thing to get a few hits on the other cheese? Is hitting one of them with a torch cheese? My point is that he is very reasonable solo with regular settings, I'd even say probably too easy on wolfgang. Well it's because it's pretty terrible without it(and with good reason, it's pretty damn lame), but it's a testament to just how little health they have with it. No, it's a mod, so it's a downside, it will have to compensate to be relevant, it doesn't. This is why I'm against using it to cut the hp of toadstool for example, even though Imo he does have too much health in a solo environment. Nothing, I never said or implied that you did. In fact my guess was that you didn't. When I said "deluding yourself" I didn't mean you, I meant the general user of that mode. It's a figure of speech. Actually my whole leveled playing field argument doesn't hold for client mods, and I do think they(client mods) have meaningfully improved the game. I have, I just did it earlier on.(also there are more)
  8. Whole point is that the best way to use that mod is to not use that mod. Single player has it's own challenges, and the raid bosses are completely absent from it. And I agree it's not about ez mode, it's about playing ez mode while deluding yourself that you're not, otherwise it would've just been called ez mode, and not "health readjust". No, op is asking for an official scaling of difficulty so it'll remain more or less the same based on player count, that mod is just ez mode. Also it's a mod(so not official). Sure you can readjust that mod to be sensible(just not using it), but the default settings are garbage and OP clearly isn't too knowleable about the game's mechanics(which there's nothing wrong with), and hence is looking for a good source of proper settings, so not the mod author, not himself, and probably not you or me as well, hence the devs. Point was/is, all of the options in that mod are bad, the best option is to not use it. Part of it is due to implementation, another is because it's a mod.
  9. I have both solo and multiplayer experience though, and I mostly mean that in "I can compare it to the way things usually are". It really depends on your approach, at least for bee queen. Even with reduced health she can still swarm you with grumbles, but if you bring some pigs/bunnies/beefalos they can distract them long enough for you to burn through the close to 0 amount of health she has, also gather 15 gunpowder for bee crown+19.5 jellybeans+bundlewrap reciepe is hardly a challenge. So well, she can be challenging if you make her to be one, but she's really not with that amount of health. As far as klaus goes, I'm sorry, but with 2k+1k health I just don't see how he won't melt nearly instantly, I just can't imagine this being a challenge. As to the 3 giants(not dfly) being pushovers, well, with Goose/Goose rng range, I wouldn't consider her a pushover, but I don't think cutting her health in half is too big of a deal, same for bearger(actually that's probably a "challenge", since that means he can take on less treeguards, so you'll get less wood), it somewhat affects clops though, as with 4k health he will generally cause insanity, but with 2k he generally won't. I'm not exactly sure what you're doing with dfly there, no walls for whatever reason? I suppose you could just put it to sleep and wait for the lavae to die. As to toadstool, yeah, he is pretty damn tedious in solo but 7.5k hp is just pretty much nothing(20k would probably be fine), it's a stack of gunpowder. As I've said before, ultimately I agree with you, I disagree with all the reasoning behind it, but this is for the most part OP being his own problem. This is mostly because Imo the game is mostly already balanced for solo play(toadstool somewhat excluded), and he could turn down the difficulty with mods. At the same time, I mean no disrespect to the OP, he's just fallen under a common misunderstanding and I completely get where he's coming from, I was under the same impression at some point as well. I mean I think dfly is in a pretty damn bad spot(it's a pushover at 2+ people, and very tedious solo, whereas other bosses at least have some range they are sensible in), though I guess people are used to it, but yeah they have higher priorities.
  10. I have. I proceeded to build a wall then facetank dfly in two minutes, then watched a bearger solo bee queen, needless to say it was pretty god awful. I haven't tried gunpowder there, but I can divide max health by 200, the results aren't pretty(15 for bee queen/klaus, 40 for toadstool, 30 for fuelweaver). No, it just changes it to easy mode, OP isn't asking for that. Yeah but OP doesn't really know what to expect, hence he is asking the devs to balance it, and not some random mod author(who as far as balance goes did a terrible job with the default settings). I am bashing something I have used though. It really isn't, dst changes numbers due to the rollback feature and cheaper revives as well. I have pretty much never seen anyone help me fight the same werepig, and yet they still have increased health. That mod is hot garbage(unless you want easy/joke mode). I keep saying that I have nothing against easy mode, what the hell are you talking about? Thing is it doesn't claim to be a set of training tools, or an easy mode to learn to play solo.
  11. Well the default settings in general are more important than people give them credit for. In this mod specifically, people who only play solo and don't get the game come to it in the hopes of adjusting the game for a solo world, they end up with a hardcore easy mode. That's not to say there's something wrong with using an easy mode mod, it's just that it's not what OP was asking for. Because they're not trying to scale down the difficulty, they are asking to scale bosses with the amount of people, but the default settings of that mod end up with easy mode(It's a bit worse than that really, as it doesn't so much scale down difficulty as it turns the bosses into jokes). I'd argue it lacks the tools for sensible scaling, but that's the least of my issues with it. Problem is people want it to scale it to something sensible for solo play, yet these same people are also often aware that they don't exactly know what would be sensible for solo play(they haven't really tried multiplayer so they don't know what to compare it to), so they use the default settings...which are absolute garbage. As far as what sensible settings would be, it seems that for most people who have tried multiplayer it would be just the same settings as in multiplayer(at least mostly).
  12. Because the mod in question is terrible, at least the default settings are. No, it doesn't, and if you didin't play solo you'd know that it doesn't. It's for the most part just easy mode(it doesn't really readjust the difficulty, it turns almost all bosses into a joke one way or another), people think that it's a solo game adjustment because they servery overestimate how much extra players actually end up helping, if you'd play with other people you'd know that. That's not to say that you shouldn't use it, this is a sandbox game, but it's really not a solution unless you're looking for easy mode. Aside from toadstool it kinda is.
  13. Wouldn't tentacle fields be rather easy to mess up in? Especially considering they are probably the second most common cause of death for experienced players, the first being bunnymen. How about the fuelweaver lureplant cheese(where you get it stuck near the spikes then tp to the other side and beat it to death while it tries to close the gate), it definitely takes some practice to get it stuck there, and is definetly something that can be messed up, is it not cheese then? As to the fuelweaver video you've shown, wouldn't that just make multiple person fuelweaver runs cheese? Or wolfgang/wigfrid/wx cheeses in their own right? Each one of these characters is about as bulky wearing regular armor as other characters wearing thulecite armor(healing in general is rather cheap anyway). My main issue with these definitions is that DST is a PvE game, in a sense everything is very hard to mess up,as once you get a certain amount of experience/knowledge your enemies won't prove a threat. So I don't see a difference between knowledge being used to build an elaborate setup or experience being used to avoid pretty much every single attack. I just see cheese as things which seem dirty or lame(very vague terms), so just standing there beating fuelweaver I see as cheese, whereas watching 50 bunnymen wail on bee queen I don't see as cheese.
  14. Well, so far you've called most things I can think of to be cheese, there's only a few left. Is a tentacle field cheese? Is bunnyman bee queen cheese? Is beefalo bee queen cheese? Any other setups I forgot about?
  15. That what you see as negative others might see as positive, and while that is always the case with right about anything, it's quite important just how many people view it each way. What I'm trying to imply is that a lot of people like the fact that there are various different approaches(some of which are quite unintuitive) and setups to deal with bosses(who's effectiveness vary depending on how many people you intend to fight the boss with), instead of just running at them with the most obvious tools.