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Fertilizer synthesizer producing more gas then it should?

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I played around a bit in the dev mode and I build a fertilizer/generator system. Tooltips say the fertilizer maker produces 20g/s natural gas and the natural gas generator uses 60 g/s of natural gas. So 3 synthesizer should exactly provide the natural gas for 1 generator. I built 9 synthesizers and 3 generators. But the pipes to the generators are filling up with natural gas. First I thought this may be because the gas pump ist pumping the gas at a rate of 500 g/s. This would cause the pipes to fill up because only 180 g/s are consumed but it also would lower the pressure of natural gas in the fertilizer room until it somhow balances out. I also build one gas vent for every generator to provide steady flow for the generators. The pressure of natural gas is now around 90 kg/s and rising. Why is this? Do I miss something or do the synthesizers just produce more gas then 20 g/s?



Edit: I removed all natural gas in the chamber and in the pipes and tested again. Pressure is still rising while the pipes are filling up. The pump pumped roughly 240 g/s through the pipe and the pressure was still rising even if they should only produce 180 g/s.

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Those valves are suspicious... Are they set to 60g/s? if yes... are they really set to 60g/s? or are they in fact set to 59.9999999g/s?
This is why I hate floating point types...

Try removing them, I've built systems like yours several times, (not in this update though) and never had this issue, once the system is properly set up, (only natural gas and proper pressure) the system runs quite accurately if a little short.

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I didn't had them when I first noticed the pressure going up. I only added them later to see if the generator is really using 60 g/s.

But anyways, even if they would be set to 59.999 g/s that would mean the generator shuts of regularly for a short amount of time (maybe too short to notice) and the amount of gas in the pipes would only build up by 0.003 g/s. But it was much faster. You could watch all the pipes running full in less then a minute. I mean, these are 99 tiles of pipes. Each tile holds how much? 1 kg? It would take forever to completely fill the pipes at a rate of 0.003 g/s. Even with 0.3 g/s would take much longer.

Strange thing is, at this moment there are running almost exactly 180 g/s through the pipes and the gas is not building up in the pipes. Not sure about the pressure. It is higher than 30 minutes ago and it looks like it is rising but it's fluctuating too much to be sure.


Edit: @Bubby4940 They ran all the time. Now, after the "reset", the upper two are stopping from time to time for a very short amount of time because now there is pretty much exact 180 g/s and the gas doesn't build up at these two. 

Edit2: And as I finished this edit and went back to the game I saw that gas build up at these two generators. They are constantly running now. Roughly 184 g/s of natural gas going through the pump and the pressure didn't rise much.

Edit3: I also realized that the tooltip of the pump has "pipe blocked" blinking. From the tooltip it looks like the pump is running for 0.5 seconds, then runs for 0.5, stops for 0.5 and so on. The animation however doesn't look like the pump stops at all. The pipes are clearly not blocked, most of the tiles are empty and the tiles directly at pump only contain ca. 180 g of natural gas. At first I thought this is because auf a vacuum but in this case the tooltip would say "pump not in gas". 

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