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that guy 66y

dragon fly drops

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she is very hard to kill in together and has few drops here is a idea 

make her drop 10- 15  fire souls they are used for three things fire walls, inferno sword and, flame trap

the walls need 1 fire soul and 4 stone walls to make 4 fire walls. fire walls could have the same health as stone and can't burn plus burn enemy's that hit them.

the  inferno sword needs 8 flint, 4 fire souls, and 4 logs it does 50 damage and burns target. other stuff it could do??? 

the trap is simaler  to  tooth traps  but flings its self at close targets, it costs 1 tooth trap and 1 fire soul. same power as tooth trap plus burning.

this is only a suggestion comment what you think :D

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4 hours ago, that guy 66y said:

thanks did not think that :D  i thought in the new game the dragon fly was to power full and drooped too little maybe she sould drop more stuff she already drops  

Well she is meant to be fought with several people. 4 is usually enough to take her down fairly easily. Or you can build some walls and rabbit hutches and easily kill her solo. This thread is a good resource on doing just that.

And as for her loot, she's a reliable, renewable source of green gems. These are perhaps the most coveted gem due to it's ability to duplicate thulecite and recycle pan flutes. So that alone makes her current drops worthwhile.

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