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How to stop people from quick match joining in the Forge


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So you know these servers where the server name is something like lvl15+. You maybe even joined into one. But sometimes a lvl 3 joins in and you are all confused what the hell he's doing here. It's quick match putting him into the server. Now a kick mechanic would solve everything but we didnt get one. So this is how you stop quick match from putting people you dont want into your game:

you create a server with password, and then put the password into the server name e.g.:lvl15+ password:1234

now quick match wont get in, cause its passworded, but anybody else will.


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29 minutes ago, Karmattack said:

Low levelled people need to level up too, are you saying you didn't quick match at level 3?

I didn't really quick match at the beginning, only a few times maybe. I prefer to chose a server for myself. And there will be always servers which isn't intended to be for high level players only. Or if not, people just can start one. There will be other who will be happy to join. 

So I like the idea, though I didn't have problem with it, but it was funny to see those servers with "20+ only" with 2 level 1 players...

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