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Achievements for DST

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Don't Starve Together is one of my favourite games on Steam, and I love collecting achievements for games. 

I think adding achievements to DST would create more incentive for people to play. I love achievements and I love DST. 
pls Klei... <3

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Hey @Bmann, welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, I believe Klei has stated way way back, before DST was even conceptualized (I think) that they decided upon not adding achievements cause it detracts the players from playing the game the way it should be. Freely, without a to-do-list telling them how the game should be played. I remember they did a very old article about achievements in games but sadly I can't seem to find it. If I do find it, I'll give you the source.

Since DST is also under the same umbrella of Don't Starve, I personally don't think they'll add achievements to DST on PC. There's been multitudes of requests (even demands) that they should add achievements to Don't Starve when it came out, but to this day no achievements has ever been added. Except for consoles with Accomploshrine, etc. but that's an entirely separate thing of itself. I don't play it on PSN so I have no clue whats happening over there.

I hope that's helpful at least, cheers.

To Klei members who may happen upon this reply, if I have stated anything incorrectly do let me know.

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"Congratulations! You did a thing! Now here's a gold star little image that does absolutely nothing to impact the actual game!"

I never did understand why people like achievements so much. In a lot of cases they don't even do anything to effect the game anyway. I think the actual gameplay should be enough to drive you to continue playing, not some "reward" system that's effectively like getting a gold star sticker in preschool.

Besides, even if there were achievements, you could easily just cheat in a game like this. Use the command console or install a mod and boom, you got all the "achievements" with little to no effort. And for those who don't just flat out cheat, you'll have random leeches joining your world just so they can waste your resources to get an achievement then leave. And I've heard a couple of people complain about exactly that on the PS4 version...

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