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THANK YOU for giving the healer utility.


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Please do not change a single thing about that staff.

I've been playing healers in a few games going all the way back to original Everquest nearly 20 years ago.  It's just what I do.

And I like it, I really do.  But, a lot of games get the healing wrong.  It's just "oh look I'm spamming heal" and maybe you get a shield, big whoop.  It's just whack-a-mole healing and typically by nature of it being so passive, there's never any love for the healers.  It's all "oh my DPS was so high!" and "I AM TANK HEAR ME TAUNT" even though you know you just kept their butts alive for all that taunting and damaging.

The sleep spell is so clutch at so many points of the fight, it's INVIGORATING being the healer, instead of boring point and click.

Thank you for that.  Legit, sincere thanks, especially so since I'm a Wilson main.


Please for the love of bacon and eggs don't change it.




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Klei really did an amazing job make ALL classes feel like they're useful! Even down to the designated decoy. Whenever I play a match, I can definitely feel the impact if we're missing a tank, healer, CC or decoy. And the fact they even give commendations to the decoy and healer makes playing those roles feel way more rewarding :D Most other games wouldn't commentate you and this many levels.

They did a real good job with the classes without having them just as "WX-78: TANK or Willow: DPS"

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