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  1. And, THANK YOU so much for your time! It is appreciated!!
  2. I'M AN IDIOT. Did it again making extra sure 'remote' was showing and now I've got some trinkets showing up! Will more and different trinkets spawn throughout the event, then?
  3. Still comes up with the nil value. I noticed it also was 'tinkets' on here and I was cut pasting, so I made sure it was "trinkets" instead. I cut and pasted, then it also typed it out.
  4. And same thing comes back when I run the final command you gave me.
  5. Also, I added it before in an edit, when I ran the "print" command, it came back saying something about a nil value. It didn't not come back with anything about trinkets, no true or false.
  6. There are still no trinkets. None that I can see and I did the "countprefabs" commands again and it came back with zero.
  7. Here's my attachments. client_log no trinkets.txt
  8. The event is in the world, every part of it except the trinkets. I can build the treat bag and the pumkin jack o'lantern, those things never remained buildable after the event. Yes, my events are on "auto". Someone else is having the same problem, as posted here.
  9. I don't know if it's a bug or not. Do they need time to spawn? Do they not spawn in winter? It was winter in my world when Hallowed Nights started. I'm into spring now. I know the event is on, I can build the event specific items and my costume is available to wear. But I've gone over my entire world now, and not a single trinket to be found.