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Forge feels repetitive: Add a "randomize waves" option?


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By this point, those of you that have cleared the Forge event more than once likely know that the wave order, enemies that spawn in them and even the drops in a given Forge event are almost completely identical.

This means that , once you've figured out a team composition that works, it's just a matter of putting it together, rinse and repeating, till you win again. And that feels repetitive and boring. Forge was hyped as an event for a month or so, but it feels rather stale to me after 2 days.(The skin drops are the only reason I'll keep playing)

A rather easy way to help this feeling of staleness would be to add a "randomize waves" option for hosts when creating a server, that could randomize the items dropped per wave/match by choosing items for a chart or somesuch, that way your team could try and work with the items they get and improvise, keeping it interesting and engaging. I'm sure we'd all wonder what would happen if we got more than 2 Boarillas in a wave, or an assemble of Tortanks with the final boss. It'd be tough, but interesting.

(If this is added at all the current Forge event should just be a "default Forge" mode, which would be purposefully the same every time. Could be a practice mode/good for first timers and the basis for balancing any other specific Forge variants, if they ever come).


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Random waves will be amazing to keep replayability high, as I can already see how fighting the exact save arrangement of baddies would get old.

How about a Endless mode too? You fight increasingly tougher enemies (HP and such could increase as well as ammount spawned) with special waves that spawn every 5 waves! Such as:

  • Tortank Battalion! (lots of tortanks and banners) 
  • Boarilla Backup! (A boarilla fight, but a pit pig spawns every 10 seconds, caps at 3)
  • Enraged Battlemaster! (The battlemaster, but he moves twice as fast)

The special waves could also find themselves in the random mode too, the more I think about it!

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I think an endless option with randomized waves for all the people who already killed the grand forge boarrior would be great. It becomes kind of repetive to fight the same waves over and over again. At the moment I still have fun doing the fight but I think I would have more fun in an endless mode as described.

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