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-I think that there needs to be a countdown system between waves, anywhere from 10-30 seconds. Right now the waves feel too fast, one after the other. This can be discouraging to players since there are no breaks in between, and can be felt more after long waves.

-The item rewarding system needs to change, I often find myself fighting other players for loot.
1: One way could be to make player specific item that can only be worn by those characters.
2: Another could be make them limited to less character (for example: items only for Wolfgang and WIlfred).
3: You guys could make the loot only visible and obtainable by one character, could be random or if it is the most beneficial to that character.

-I found Willow's +10% fire damage kind of meh, maybe it could be improved and/or given damage reduction against fire.
-Maxwell and Wickerbottom tend to be kind of ineffective in the beginning of the game. This makes many people not want to play as them. Maybe implementing a staff bonus to them would make it better.
-Wolgang needs a better benefit than the one he has, it only seems kind of useful for running away before he dies. Which I don't think is the point of a "mighty" power.

I am still lagging, even when I pick a server with 30-40 ms ping, and full green bars.

Willow's bear has problems aggroing, and sometimes mobs completely ignore him.

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