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The Corner Build™

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As you know, it's possible to build through a corner, at the meeting place of a wall with a floor or ceiling, but from the other side. This is how we get our nice, square rooms without being required to dig all the way around to the other side just to put the corners in. I stumbled on the idea that I can use this to my advantage when pressing into the noxious gas biome:


This allows me to get my "cells" the size I want before tackling the gas head-on, which of course I love. <3

My usual means of evacuating the gas chambers (both figurative and literal) is to fill them up with tiles to move the atmosphere towards my gas pumps. That method takes a while and requires a lot of building resources, but using the through-the-corner approach, I figured I could just shove the gas into a more manageable location:


At first, I had to use the pump while I evacuated a narrow, two-tile-tall diagonal walkway to partition the large cavern. Then it was just a matter of building downward (and later upward) through the corners to compact the gas into tiny areas (under ridiculous pressures), making them trivial to extract:


All-in-all, I find it to be a fairly efficient method of wrangling ornery gases and it minimizes time spent waiting for one of your guys to put, like, one tile and then run away. In the end, I had them right where I wanted them:


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I got to put this to good use today. There was a rather large cavern of Chlorine with a Chlorine Geyser in it, which is something I didn't know existed. The entire area was at its maximum of 5 Kg/tile pressure, but I was able to get it all squashed into three tiles each measuring nearly 150 Kg:


For reference, gases compact themselves to about 1.8 Kg/tile pressure naturally, and with a High Pressure Gas Vent you can fill a chamber with up to 20 Kg/tile. Corner Building™ everything into as small a space as possible produces the highest pressures I've been able to achieve.

In case you're wondering what comes next, notice the setup with the Gas Pump. That tile directly to the right of the selected Chlorine tile will be Corner Deconstructed™, forcing the Chlorine into that vacuum and off to the storage tank without any cross-contamination or unsavory environments for the Duplicants.

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