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Trying to make a Varg Domestication Mod for DST Need Help

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So I've been using the koalefant domestication mod as a template to make this and I have managed to narrow it down to just the summer koalefant existing, however, there's a problem. Whenever I change the code to have it so a warg becomes a "koalebeef summer" when offered a stick and such, the game crashes when a varg appears and says something about "nil eater code." It seems to be coming from the code choosing the vargs diet. Of course I am going to change that diet to meat but I don't exactly know what the problem is. I looked in the client log when I crashed and it spammed something about "unknown resource" and stuff. Could use some help. Files are below if you need them. I changed the places where I put "warg" back into "koalefant summer" so you can try changing those and testing it. If you're still confused I can send the files where I have changed the main creature of focus to "warg" and you can check from there.

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