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Glass and what could be done with it

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So, since how I posted something in a Topic where someone created glass by accident, I cant stop thinking every night before I'm going to sleep about what could be done with it and had some ideas that I would like to share with you and also would like to hear your ideas.

As for the start, these are just suggestions and english is not my native language, I speak better then I write and some things are probably not that understandable so if you have questions please ask.

Number One: Algae cultivation
Everyone who relys on Algae, even in endgame knows, knows how to get Algae from Slime, but since Klei made Oni not a One way game, I thought about adding other solutions to make Algae or, like in my way, grow in in Tubes/pipes made out of glass.
This way we would need a new machine with water supply so it can constanly be provided with water and a slot or vent to be build at the end. Why at the end? I will tell later.
Also I would say that you can build as many tubes/pipes to contain Algae as you want, more tubes/pipes, more Algae but also need more Water and (a good downside) since the tubes/pipes are so big, they cant be build in tiles, so you need more space too.

Number Two: Algae eating Pacu
Putting Pacu into Game while it creating Fertilizer out of nowhere as long as it stays in water, from my view a little bit too OP, so since there are Fishis that eat Algae, how about making Pacu eat Algae to produce Fertilizer. Fot this you would need the Slot/Vent from the Algae cultivation to end right above the water tank with the pacu in it. Pacu would eat Algae and Produce Fertilizer. What do you think about it?

Number Three: Aquarium for Decor
Building Aquarium (a little one) where you can put Pacu in it for lets say you have too many Pacu or havent build a Tank for them, but having a Pacu in the Glass Aquarium reduce sanity, or how about a new plant like water Rose that can be plant in the Glass Aquarium for sanity.

Number Four: Glass
In my opinion there you be resources in the world enough to build 2 Glass pipes(tubes for the Algae cultivation and if you want more you have to make glass, for that how a new Reasearch machine like the Bookshelf, this works in a combination with another machine but that later.
With the Bookshelf your Dupe can read how about to combi different resources and make a new one.
Important: If Dupe A reads a Book on how to make lets say Glass, it doesnt mean Dupe B will know it too after Dupe A has finished the Book, this way you have to look out who you are sending to make Glass and also can gain more Research points.

Number Five: Oven,  Laboratory and Nitrogen Freezer or Deep freezer
After reading a Book about lets say, how to make Glass your Dupe is ready to do some Science, but first, build a Laboratory maybe with Oven included or not, not sure about that.
There you can mix different resources together, heat them up or cool them down to get the new resource you need like glass.
If we ever get Nitrogene in Oni what is as much as I know, a big Part of oxygen, there could be a Nitrogene Freezer to instant cool down things using Nitrogen.
Better not trying it out with Food. Unless then, how about a Deep Freezer?

Number Six: Glass Tiles
Some People have already talked about it, because of light being able to go thru it without taking decor away or so.
I would also like that idea BUT I would make it so that Gas cant flow thru it as a downside.
Like normal Tiles but without blocking light

Number Seven: Oillamp
Oillamp gives little heat plus since its actually fire it eats away Oxygen (good help for too much Oxygen. Everyone who wants Hydrogen knows this Oxygen problem) plus gives off decor because of Light

Number Eight: Mercury
I think I saw it in debug template but there is no use for now

Number Nine:
Fluorescent Tubes, they would need glass and Mercury, but would be very good for light since they dont give off very much heat but more light, good for bristel berry farm

Number Ten: Glass bottle
With Glass you could craft Glass Bottles anmd with the right trap, if they ever come for Shine bugs, catch them and put them in the bottle for decor, stress reduce and light without needing electricity


What do you mean guys? Have some other Ideas? Come and share with me!

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