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  1. Greek Gods and Half Gods Name
  2. Sandbox brush capping at 1800g for gasses

    Triedit out and the same thing happened with me, strange
  3. Some Artifacts give off light, I can see it if I turn on the Light Overlay, but in Rooms they dont count as Light Source
  4. [Game Update] - 348553

    Artifacts that give of light dont count as light source even if you put them on petestals, is that normal?
  5. first you need debug template, best you follow this you tube video for it Then go into your ...\Your-Steam-folder\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\templates\ folders and download yaml files and put them there if you want or take already made ones of your folder and share if you want. Lets say your base. You can save your base with debug and spawn it in the next world or spawn geysers etc that are not spawnable via sandbox right now. You can find most of them in this one
  6. I got them. After 2 days hardcore Rocket launching, I'm just missing 7, but I'm gonna post the first of them here if someone else ever needs them If I get the other 7, I will post them too, thanks for the answers Artifact Archaic Tech.yaml Artifact Blender.yaml Artifact Double Helix Model.yaml Artifact Egg Shaped Rock (Rainbow).yaml Artifact Egg Shaped Rock (White).yaml Artifact Encrusted Teapot.yaml Artifact Mangled Saxophone.yaml Artifact Moldavite.yaml Artifact Old X Ray.yaml Artifact Perculator.yaml Artifact Pristine Fossil.yaml Artifact Robot Arm.yaml Artifact Rubiks Cube.yaml Artifact Sandstone.yaml Artifact Self Contained System.yaml Artifact Shield Generator.yaml Artifact Small Obelisk.yaml Artifact Stethoscope.yaml Artifact Strange Brick.yaml Artifact Tornado Rock.yaml Artifact Wrist Watch.yaml
  7. @Nightinggale Well I thought that someine here who has all of them IN Game could make yaml files rea quick by using the tamplate, save them and then upload it here from the folder. At least thats what I have seen other people doing with such stuff in the past before sandbox, like in this one
  8. I dont know what they are called but since they all have artifact in their name probably yes @Nightinggale do you have the yaml files of all of them?
  9. Thanks but I dont know if thats what modders do, since I dont actually a Mod, but the yaml files to download for the tamplate, since the artifacts arent spawn able with sandbox tool
  10. Hey does anyone has all the yaml files of the artifacts from oni that can be put on pedestals? And of course could post it here? That would be very helpful thanks
  11. I think you should be able to expand the water in Hamlet however it should be very expensive. I thought since you need water to make a pond (duh) why not using the magic water drop from the Pugalisk Fountain and maybe a special shovel that only the Pugalisk may drop or he drops something that you can make the shovel with. With the special Shovel you can also pick pond turfs up and place it down, however it should not be easy to get one thats why I thought it should have something to do with Pugalisk loot, since most people dont even fight him. Just take the water and then run. What do you guys think?
  12. Thank you both for your answers. I cant mod so there is no way I can do that, maybe someone will make one in the Future, I will look out. Thanks again!
  13. Hey Guys, I was wondering if some of you know, if the is a debug code for the Water parts of Hamlet World. Since its possible to spawn in deeprainforst turfs and place them, but not dig them, It hought maybe that would exists too. Do you Daa mining guys know something about this? Thank yo for all answers!
  14. Ahhhh I so long ago, but so beautiful Very good Art