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  1. I have the same problem, would love a solution too
  2. Triedit out and the same thing happened with me, strange
  3. Some Artifacts give off light, I can see it if I turn on the Light Overlay, but in Rooms they dont count as Light Source
  4. Artifacts that give of light dont count as light source even if you put them on petestals, is that normal?
  5. Thank you both for your answers. I cant mod so there is no way I can do that, maybe someone will make one in the Future, I will look out. Thanks again!
  6. Hey Guys, I was wondering if some of you know, if the is a debug code for the Water parts of Hamlet World. Since its possible to spawn in deeprainforst turfs and place them, but not dig them, It hought maybe that would exists too. Do you Daa mining guys know something about this? Thank yo for all answers!
  7. Ahhhh I so long ago, but so beautiful Very good Art
  8. Does anyone know if we get a Beta testing for the next Update again? So we can try new things and search upcoming bugs before the new update goes official
  9. hi and thanks for the answer, but I already delete this world, cause after destroying the storage compacters no items where droped and I got to tired of trying around so I just stared a new one
  10. Its to keep the gas and also liquid (in the past there was water on the right side) out of my base Also the left airlock is on auto so there shouldnt be any problem opening it and it never was before that update
  11. I know what you mean and i unpaused the game more then once qnd then wait but nothing changed I tried to to mske dome wires while my colony was sleeping but it didnt let me, so I restart the game, nothing changed Thanks for the link, I will get to it as soon as I am on my pc again
  12. sorry for the dump question but where can I report a possible bug? Or maybe someone here can help me, because he/she had the same problem? As you can see in the picture, it tells me I have no resources what is impossible beside some water and a little bit of raw metal, since the last time I played (some hours ago before the new update) I had enough. Also it can be seen that I have enough resources in my storage compactor or do they not count anymore since the new update? I already start the game a second time but nothing changed, help?
  13. So this is my Dog and his Name normally gets a lot of people to laugh His Name is Sauron Lord of Mordor, but outside I just call him Sauron And if that isnt enough to make you laught, how about smiling This is the Lord of Mordor cuddling wth a stuffed animal in his pyjama while sleeping Have a good day~
  14. OMG I wanted to write the same thing i swear! but then i thought people would be like "Ugh there is a weird anime person again"