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Request: Better equipping cosmetic clothing ui and presets

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I am glad the team is working on the game and interested in long term support. Players supporting the game through purchase of skins in exchange for content updates is an interesting and good idea but I feel the current cosmetics interface in its current form is not compatible with this philosophy and could use major improvements.


Upon changing a cosmetic item for the character could it be changed to open the in game collection inventory and have it show only equipable cosmetics? The current system is really annoying as you have to toggle though each clothing item until you get to the one you want to wear. This system makes sense for crafting items (As they have fewer skins meaning less to sort through.) but is extremely annoying for clothing cosmetics, especially the body slot as there are potentially over 100 different items to go through until you find the item you wish to wear. If it opened the collection interface it would show 16 items per page, making it much easier to sort through and find the cosmetics you wish to use. The current system is really annoying and I think it could definitely be improved, and is something the team should seriously consider. (As Klei wants to support the game's development through players purchasing skins. That's absolutely awesome and some players would love to support the game through it. However choosing the skin players wish to use is extremely difficult and I feel players, and the developers, would get a lot more value out of an updated system.)


Secondly could we get some sort of loadout preset? Similar to currently selecting elegants it would be great to select a preset of cosmetics to use. (Choosing preset 1 giving me GOH Wickerbottom with a rumpled outfit and preset 2 normal wickerbottom with the letterman jacket and white hand covers.) I also think it would be good to have separate presets for each character. (The above example is no good if i'm currently playing Wendy so preset 1 could be her Triumphant and black hand covers while preset 2 her triumphant, blue hand covers, and blue jammie pants.) We already have presets for world generation (and sorta have it with character elegants.) so I don't see why we shouldn't for cosmetics, especially given the teams decision of using skins sales to fund new game content.

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