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Performance - Fog of war

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When Fog of war is removed from a part of the map and dupes are not in that area for 2 cycles, it should grow back, with shorter viewrange to uncover.
Biggest issue with ONI is for me performance, aka data hiccup, when most of the map is uncovered.
The game is very nice, but "endgame" is no fun, with all that lag for me.

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Agree, or make custom smaller map option

Or could change the light overlay work, if there light there, no fog. Fog grow back if dark there

Followed by dark debuff, dark traits, or monster hide on the dark, and lot new mechanism about lamps

Because light purpose now is for plant only. It seems strange dupe can walk and work in pitch dark inside cave asteroid

This could improve the proccessor resource, and major change overhaul how the light system works

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