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From Russia with Love

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I'm a big fan of Klei games.
This is my wishlist for 'Oxygen not included'.
Sorry for my bad English =)

From Russia with Love!

1. Fog of war:
- ability to configure visibility for the Player 
(You can reduce visibility for the Player to 0 tiles - the Player doesn't see anything "over the wall");
- ability to configure visibility for the Duplicants (on/off)
(limit of Duplicants' visibility - in a dark cave Duplicants see only three tiles around themselves);
- light sources increase the zone of Duplicants' visibility; 
- mobs disappear out of sight of Duplicants and the Player (on/off).59e37f925b519_Fogofwar.thumb.png.3b1a997d96aa5f16321f5129c2ecaaab.png

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2. Leviathan upgrade 
(on/off in options)
To make late stage of the game more interesting.
Possible names depending on the nature of the origin and the algorithm of evolution:
Aggressive Tumor, Harmful Biomass, Furious Genetic Ooze, Unstoppable Hydra, Cosmic Mycelium, Giant Amoeba, Asteroid Tentacle, 1000-Feet-Oxygen-Eater


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How it works:
Monster generates on the map randomly.
It takes up the space randomly - about 10 neighboring tiles with a "Central Nucleus" (1 tile size, grows with the Monster).
It slowly consumes the resources around Itself and grows - Its structure replaces randomly selected neighboring tiles.
It grows all the time and may eventually grow to huge size.
Different algorithm of selecting a random tile to absorb is possible depending on the hardness of the material of neighboring tiles and the taste preferences of the Monster.
Depending on this, the Monster can have different shape of the "body" - asymmetric sphere, snowflake, mycelium, etc.
The average growth rate +10% from Its size for the cycle (the larger the body the slower the growth).
If a "tentacle" finds the cavity with oxygen, a significant increase in the speed of the Monster's local growth happens.
Accelerated local growth in the area with oxygen is added to the usual cyclical increase in the Monster's growth
(+100-300% to local growth depending on the amount of oxygen).
Meanwhile oxygen is absorbed by the Monster.59e3823454ba0_OnY-SC.png.6ac0742ce96d17e6c7ee04653a062f3a.png


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A local increase occurs in the direction to the source of oxygen (gaz vent, algae terrarium, etc.).
When the Monster penetrates to the base of the Player there is a rapid growth of the Monster's "tentacles" filling the free space of corridors and rooms and oxygen absorbing.
The equipment, wires, pipelines are destroyed or simply blocked and temporarily not working (until they will not be cleared from the Monster).
Partial absorption of the wall blocks is possible.
When one tile of the Monster is destroyed by Duplicants, a small amount of dirty fluid and poisonous gas can be released (25-50%).
It can damage Duplicants without exosuits.
The infection of Duplicants with a new form of the disease is possible.
Due to the rapid regeneration, the Monster's tile  is destroyed as long as granite.
Near the Monster Duplicants experience severe stress.
Duplicants can have effect of "Ugly crier".
You can block a strong increase in stress with a special "Pill of bravery".
To block penetration of the Monster on the base there are special armored tiles (which are very expensive to produce and require rare materials).
For the complete destruction of the Monster Duplicants must reach its "Central Nucleus", which is situated in 10 initial (first) tiles of the Monster.
The regeneration of the Monster's body around the "Central Nucleus" is considerably increased.
Duplicants can cut off the "tentacles" - a separate part of the Monster dies and ceases to grow.
The Monster does not attack Duplicants.
It protects Itself by high stress of Duplicants, poisonous gas and quick regeneration.

Explanation for the picture: Duplicants try to make the corridor from the armored tiles in the body of the Monster to get to Its "Central Nucleus".


to be continued...

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Thanks bro. No I can't.


3. On all fours

Duplicants are able to move on all fours (without exosuits) in tunnels of 1 tile height. 
Their movement speed is reduced 3 times. 
The speed of construction, digging and repair in this situation is also reduced 3 times. 
Duplicants in a narrow tunnel get additional stress.
It is possible to get the effect of "Claustrophobia" (for a while they can refuse to go into tunnel of 1 tile height and get additional stress in tunnels of 2 tiles height, Duplicants can't use lavatory - they are afraid of being in it).


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I wont lie, I think you are a dev, the artwork and skills you did are so well done you could literally make a "Fake" Update thread and it would look real. I praise your ideas and I totally think they would be great, your art is amazing as well.

I really like the idea of a giant organism though!

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Thank you my friends for appreciating my work. Unfortunately I'm not a developer, although I really want to be in this Team. =)


4. An explosive mixture of gases
(on/off in options)
I apologize if some special terms are not translated correctly.
In a game where there are so much gases, we just need the mechanism of formation of explosive mixtures.
At least at the basic level - when diffusion of two gases happen, there is the possibility of ignition/explosion 
of an explosive mixture with the destruction/ignition of equipment, rooms and corridors.
Self-ignition of explosive mixtures depending on pressure and temperature is possible.

For example:
Oxidant (O2) + Explosive gas (CH4) + Spark = Bang!      
Oxidant (Cl) + Explosive gas (H) + Simple Light = Bang! 
Oxidant (O2) + Explosive gas (H) + Spark = BANG!!!

I will try to look for information on this issue.
I want to ask for help from other forum members because translation of technical terms from Russian to English is very difficult for me.
In any case, we need to consult a qualified chemist, expert in diffusion of gases on this issue.

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6 hours ago, Dusticles said:

I would love to see fire! When machines break or overheat. plus having combustible gases around might make some crazy map clearing. Be neat to have explosives to clear large areas.

many gasses are marked as flammable etc, so I think fire will make its way into the game, there is also mines apparently

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